5 Loose Hairstyles For Loose Curly Hair

Curly hair requires special care and attention. Hydration is vital, so layer in products like Pattern’s hero product that are known for hydrating, detangling, and increasing curl definition – five-star reviews give this hero product high marks! Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner without sulfates, and avoid mousses that weigh down strands. When selecting heat styling tools, always work with a professional stylist and keep temperatures as low as possible.

Messy Updo

This chic messy updo is ideal for everyday or special occasion use, featuring a crown braid that creates a fairytale princess halo. Additionally, its fullness makes it suitable for ladies with fine to medium-length hair of any length. This style is easy to achieve. Simply braid one of your front sections are loosely French, pin it near your bun and do the same thing with another side section. Add some Unite’s Expanda Dust dry shampoo for added volume in this updo style. A hairspray should do just the trick for keeping this style in place!

Space Buns

Space buns are the ideal festival beauty look, featuring playful and flexible style options that you can switch up depending on the event or festival you attend. Create sleek or textured versions with ease; to give more volume, try teasing the top part of your hair before beginning to twist up into them. If you want something a bit fancier, braid your buns. This will create an authentic 90s-style look and is easy to do! Add an extra touch of sparkle with glitter spray for a look that will turn heads and garner compliments! Janelle Monae made this trend famous. Additionally, this style works on any hair length, from short bob to long layers!

Twisted Twists

Two-strand twists can be a fantastic protective hairstyle for naturals, lasting up to one week when worn as an updo or bun. Moisturizing them regularly is recommended to keep dry ends soft. To achieve this hairstyle, medium-length or longer hair is necessary. Begin by creating a side part and combing out any tangles from your locks; next, twist damp (but not soaking wet) hair using lightweight twisting creams such as Mielle Organics Pomegranate and Honey Twisting Souffle for extra grip and hold. To maintain this hairstyle, you’ll need to spritz your twists with curl-refreshing spray throughout the day and use a hooded dryer at nighttime so they are scorched when taken down. Bova advises using this method.

Hot Mess

When someone refers to someone or something as a hot mess, they suggest it is chaotic and confusing. The phrase derived from culinary terms, originally meaning an overcooked and sticky meal a la elementary school Sloppy Joes. Over time it came to represent any disorganized or disorderly situation. Eventually, it debuted on the American reality show Project Runway contestant Christian Siriano, who used it to describe his messy style! Interestingly enough, it saw even greater usage. Jack in the Box made this phrase even more famous with their spicy, dirty Hot Mess burger that required an entire roll of paper towels to consume. Today, this term often has sexual connotations and refers to attractive people who are out of control.

Chunky Ponytail

An elegant ponytail can add sophistication and drama to any ensemble. Achieve this look by adding side braids or bumps; for an irresistibly alluring effect, add gold or silver hair clips and colorful hair strings to give the ponytail more character. If you want your ponytail to appear fuller, try backcombing a few sections of your crown for height before creating another lower ponytail and connecting it to the first. This will create a double-headed ponytail that resembles a bubble of hair. Add dimension and variety to this look by switching up your curling iron and creating inward- and outward-facing coils. Texturizing styling products may also come in handy to tame flyaways and unruly hairs.