Anime Hairstyles

Anime characters often sport unrealistic locks as an easily recognizable visual signature, helping fans identify each character. To draw cartoon hair accurately, start by shaping the head and jawline while keeping in mind the character’s personality, style, and age. Next, focus on drawing actual clumps using light curves for more realistic effects.

Long Hair

Long hair is one of the most iconic styles seen in cartoons, typically on female characters but sometimes also on male ones. When selecting a haircut or style for your character, keep their facial structure in mind. Cartoonists have various ways of depicting long hair, some more realistic than others. Additionally, keep in mind that as hair length increases, so will its level of detail requirements.

Examples of characters with long hair:


Pigtails are a key indicator of youth and are often used to represent young characters in cartoons and anime. Pigtails also frequently appear in anime and manga works. They are an iconic sign of femininity and are commonly adorned with colorful accessories. Tsundere-type female anime characters often portray this hairstyle to show their childish behavior towards crushes.

Examples of characters with pigtails:

Hime Cut

The hime cut is a long straight haircut with side locks that extend to the cheekbones and a frontal fringe. It is a flattering style for those with thick locks as it shows off their volume. To maintain this style, keep side locks at chin-length while trimming regularly to avoid a blunt and dull look. The traditional hime cut is an elegant combination of Japanese hairstyles that dates back to Heian period Japan.