Layers Haircut 2020 For Women

Women with thick hair should opt for this look to add volume and texture. Discuss with your stylist creating subtle layers to give your locks dimension without making them too heavy. Start layering just above the chin for face-framing waves like J.Lo’s. Her layers meld seamlessly with her grown-out curtain bangs for an elegant silhouette.

Bouncy Layers

Layers are necessary for those with long locks, adding texture and movement. Choose an asymmetrical cut like Taylor Swift’s face-framing layers, or try something subtler like Kim Kardashian’s lovely flowing oval layers – there’s sure to be one perfect for you! These layers create volume and movement around your face for an eye-catching finish and require minimal upkeep – as your stylist can shape them easily using a hairbrush or curling iron to shape them into place. Long layers with various lengths are suitable for any face shape but are particularly effective on rounder faces. Short layers framed around your face reduce hard angles and corners, while longer ones slim your overall profile. Add soft balayage highlights during regular trims for an added flair – the subtle colors will match seamlessly with the rest of your layered style!

Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are an ideal option for long hair that needs some movement and have seen a revival since their popularity in the 70s. You can style these 70s classics however you want, from wavy waves for beachy vibes or curled texture for added volume – or add highlights or balayage for even more significant visual impact! Feathered-layer haircuts for women have quickly become trendy! You can wear this layered haircut for long hair with a side-swept bang to add volume to your face or keep it sleek and straight for an effortless style that will make you look stunning. This style is easy to maintain and ensures stunning results every time! Chopping long strands into random choppy layers is another effective way to give movement and texture to long locks. This look works particularly well on those with medium to thick locks who take the time and care to style it, as stylists will cut different lengths throughout each section for added texture and volume.

Sleek Layers

To create a chic, sleek style, ask your hairdresser for long layers that seamlessly merge and are cut evenly to frame the face. This style pairs nicely with side-swept bangs or middle parting and can be worn straight and sleek or casually in relaxed beach waves for a more casual vibe. For those with naturally curly or wavy locks, try adding long layers for an eye-catching yet effortless style that embraces natural texture without taking hours every morning to style their hair. It will look fun and trendy while giving extra volume to your locks! This style makes the ideal way to embrace natural texture without spending excessive time styling their tresses every morning!

Layers with Highlights

For an enticingly seductive seventies bombshell look, try this long-layered hairstyle! It features face-framing layers that combine into longer ones at the back for an eye-catching diagonal line that frames your face beautifully. Add color for extra drama when styling this bold layering technique! If you want your long layered hair to move more, opt for a feathered cut with different layer lengths. This style works exceptionally well on thicker textures as it helps remove some weight from each strand, freeing them up more freely and making styling easy with the blow dryer and volumizing spray. Pair this look with blonde highlights for summery flair, or add blonde highlights for sun-kissed results. Talk with your stylist about your lifestyle so they can help find a style best suited to you; additionally, if you have lots of hair, expect frequent trims as needed!