A Bold Look For a Short Platinum Haircut

Bold platinum highlights can add dimension and flair to a short haircut while also helping highlight facial features. A layered bob with platinum blonde highlights looks beautiful on people of all ages and helps to create an evergreen style that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

Chin-Length Platinum Blonde Bob

This chin-length blonde bob is an eye-catching option for women of any facial shape, featuring bold platinum hues to bring out your inherent beauty in an eye-catching style. Textured layers add movement and style for added dimension in this eye-catching style that stands out among its peers. It makes this style ideal for standing out among a crowd. For an elevated platinum blonde hue, ask your stylist to subtly combine warm and cool tones to achieve this gorgeous buttery shade. Perfect for anyone with pinkish or olive complexion tones. Also suitable for all seasons!

Platinum Blonde Side-Swept Bob

Ask your hairstylist to create a short platinum blonde bob with face-framing bangs for an effortless but stylish look. This style is flattering and easy to maintain; its low maintenance requirements will free you to enjoy yourself! Icy platinum color works wonders on those with straight strands and those with curvier locks or texture in their locks. To achieve an effortlessly natural-looking platinum blonde hue, ask your hairstylist to use a cool-toned dye that gradually lightens strands without creating a harsh contrast between dark roots and blonde locks. The gorgeous balayage highlights on this blonde bob will brighten any complexion instantly!

Platinum Blonde Choppy Bob

hair color can make your eyes pop and help you look younger, and for blondes with fine strands, a platinum bob with black-brown roots and ashy highlights is effortlessly chic. Add texture by letting longer side bangs fall loosely while texturizing with sea salt spray for a beachy vibe, and top off this edgy yet feminine style with red lips and fierce winged eyeliner to complete it all.

Platinum Blonde Long Straight Hair

Platinum blonde can look spectacular on any length, from shoulder-length stacked bobs with platinum blonde highlights and dark roots to shoulder-length stacked lobs with highlights and seeds in between. By including darker roots as part of your bleach job, going lighter without frequent touchups becomes simpler, while brassy yellow tones will only form slowly. A long bob with silver ribbon highlights is another stunning platinum blonde look worth testing. This painted-on technique looks wonderful on ash-brown hair and seamlessly transitions into an icy platinum shade. At the same time, darker roots gradually fade, making this style even more luxurious and glamorous.

A Short Pixie Cut

If you still need to decide if platinum blonde will work for you, test out a shorter cut first. A cute pixie haircut with dark roots and blonde balayage can create an elegant and sophisticated look while complementing most skin tones and eye colors.