Long Hairstyles For Fat Faces Shapes

Selecting a balanced hairstyle is paramount if you have a fat face shape. Long-layered haircuts offer the best solution as they elongate the face and create the illusion of slimming it down.

An excellent option is a side-swept bob with bangs, as this style grazes your cheekbones for a sleek and sophisticated finish.

Perfect Layered Cut

Layers added to a long haircut can help slim a full face and draw attention away from its cheekbones while creating movement and volume in your locks. With tapered layering like this bob haircut, adding layers can elongate and lengthen both facial features while providing training and volume to tresses.

Matt Swinney (@mattswinneyhair) suggests using extremely sharp scissors such as the ARC(TM) Scissors 6″ Phantom II for cutting layers precisely and efficiently.

Stylist Gray Mattes (@graymatthews) recommends creating a blunt perimeter, which makes angles and fullness on a softly-rounded facial structure. To achieve this look, request layers that hit just below your chin; this length often looks best on round faces and can even help those with naturally thin locks find an appealing style option.

Long hair with Bangs

Chubby faces look lovely when paired with bangs that reach just above the cheekbones. To achieve this look, lay your hair at the crown with curtain bangs before blowing them back so they frame your face beautifully. Finish it off by applying some hair oil so your strands shine; this style works particularly well if your locks have curly/wavy textures.

This wavy textured lob with bangs is another ideal hairstyle for chubby faces, thanks to its face-framing layers, which work to slim down and lengthen your face shape. Add depth with rich, dark colors for extra dimension.

If you’re new to bangs, this layered bob with face-framing fringe is an easy way to ease into them without feeling overwhelmed. Its angled layers draw attention up toward your eyes instead of down towards your cheekbones – an effective way to draw focus onto them instead.