No-Heat Natural Hairstyles For Little Girls

As back-to-school approaches, your kids must come prepared with hairstyles that will have them feeling cute and confident. Emmy award-winning hairstylist Angela C. Stevens provided four no-heat natural styles for little girls to help them look fierce!

Side Pigtail with Heart-Shaped Braid

This is one of the most effortless looks to achieve and makes an eye-catching statement. Perfect for any girl and suitable for dressing up with headbands or bows for an elegant finish!

Twisted Ponytail

A cute ponytail is an effortless way to elevate any look, making it simple for kids to pull off. This style works exceptionally well on girls with straight locks that can be pulled back or braided. Add clip-in flowers or bows for extra beauty.

Sock Buns

This style is perfect for girls who prefer keeping their hair out of their faces without the messiness of a ponytail. This protective style is ideal for children with long, thick locks. It combines braids and bows for one of the cutest natural hairstyles for little girls with natural hair.

Afro Puffs

Whether your daughter has natural or straightened locks, this adorable style will highlight her most striking features. This elegant updo is ideal for your little princess to showcase her natural curly or wavy beauty. Wear with any number of bows or other accessories.

Double Ribbon Buns with Long Bangs

This style may be ideal if your little girl desires a lovely center bun with long bangs. hair ribbons help prevent cracks from falling in her face, while she can accessorize with cute bows or flowers to complete the look. This protective style helps preserve moisture for healthy locks and is perfect for special events.

Try these no-heat natural hairstyles on your little girls to keep their hair looking fabulous and stylish!