Long Hair Bald Spot Treatment – Keratin Fibers

This high-quality at-home product effectively conceals bald spots with real-looking, shiny fibers. Plus, its ingredients are ammonia-, peroxide-, and paraben-free! With many shades to match natural hair colors, it comes with a color match guarantee, is easy to apply, and lasts all day with help from holding/locking/fixing spray.

About Keratin Fibers

Keratin fibers are made of colored keratin protein and blend undetectably into existing strands, giving the impression of thicker-looking locks. They’re an effective way to camouflage thinning or balding hair and instantly make your locks appear fuller. Plus, they wash off easily with shampoo while being resistant to rain, sweat, and wind!

Boldify Keratin hair Fibers

A group of hair stylists and professionals developed Boldify Keratin hair Fibers. Made with premium keratin ingredients free from ammonia, peroxide, and parabens, they are one of the top concealers for long hair. They offer optimal coverage while being natural-looking and have a money-back guarantee. These fibers make an excellent bald spot concealer option and are great for covering roots between appointments!