Short Hairstyles For Guys That Flatter Any hair Type

There are plenty of cool short hairstyles for guys that will work on any type of hair, including curly or wavy textures. Textured crops are one of the newest trends and pair nicely with modern comb-over or faux hawk styles.

A slick back haircut exudes polished sophistication and only needs a tiny dab of pomade to remain in place. This style works exceptionally well when combined with a high or mid fade.


The mohawk is an eye-catching haircut that stands out from the pack yet is easy to maintain and style differently every time. Choose a classic mullet mohawk or something more delicate, like a feathered mohawk. Additionally, this hairstyle works exceptionally well on men with thin locks who wish to make an impressionful statement with their looks.

Red mohawks are an eye-catching look that is perfect for showing your unique style. Style yours into an angular spiked style to add drama and depth. It is ideal for skaters and ravers who are okay with following their path!

Faux Hawk

An undercut fohawk is an eye-catching summer hairstyle. To add flair, feature deep parts on both sides; this style works exceptionally well with a temple fade and beard.

This hairstyle is perfect for men with thick, curly, or wavy locks who wish to achieve low shine with added texture using lightweight pomade or molding clay to achieve a soft glow and texture.

This look is ideal for men who steer clear of peak punk styles. It features less spiky locks than traditional faux hawks and looks good with temple fades; additionally, it can make professional occasions easier with no hair left up!

Military-style Cut

Short pompadours are a fantastic military hairstyle for guys. Easy and suitable for any special event, all it requires is brushing back your locks into an elegant updo and sweeping them to one side – for an updated and sophisticated look, add a tricky part if desired!

Another tremendous military haircut is the two-level cut, which consists of medium length on top with shorter length on the sides and back for an attractive, classic look that pairs well with beards to make it more masculine. Celebrities who sport this style include Channing Tatum and Denzel Washington, and it is a great way to show your military pride!


The classic comb-over hairstyle for men with long hair is an ever-classic style that can be styled in many different ways, from 1920s glamour to more modern techniques with rusty dye and facial scruff. Men can opt for low or high fades while keeping their top hair longer to create an intricate hard part that adds class and refinement to this look.

Low fades are ideal for creating this comb-over hairstyle on boys, as they allow the top layers to be styled more pronounced without looking extreme. Regular upkeep is needed to maintain this hairstyle’s style.

Soft Part

If you’re seeking an easy and low-maintenance hairstyle, a soft side part could be your answer. Its sleek, masculine appearance will set you apart. To achieve it, run your fingers through your locks and move them towards one side – or add some hairspray if necessary to hold in place strands.

A crew cut is synonymous with discipline and manliness, which explains its popularity among military personnel. Additionally, it is an attractive choice for men looking for professional yet authoritative looks, as it helps balance out prominent jawlines. It is an ideal style choice for square-faced individuals as it helps balance out their prominent jawline.

French Crop

Men with short hair can still look fashionable by adopting a modern French crop style. This look features a skin fade on the sides and back, with longer locks on top, which can either be left choppy or smooth depending on personal preference – For added chop, try using American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion, as it helps maintain volume!

This short hairstyle’s most significant advantage is that it works with any haircut. It is versatile and easy to maintain and suits most face shapes while only needing minimal upkeep. Style it in any number of ways, including faux hawk or comb-over.