Long Cute Hair Styles

Long cute hair styles are an easy and chic way to elevate any look, whether for brunch or formal gala events. There are endless gorgeous and chic ways to sport long locks!

Feathered layers

Feathered layers are an effective way to add movement and volume to long locks, particularly those colored ash brown or strawberry blonde. This style works especially well on darker locks.

French Braid

The classic French braid is an everlasting hairstyle that never goes out of style. Easy and straightforward to do, with practice producing results. Perfect for long or thick locks!

Add an unexpected flair to your French braid by creating a bow at its end for a truly special touch. Doing so will add femininity and beauty to your appearance, perfect for any special event – from beach days to formal affairs!

Start off by parting your hair cleanly, and add small sections from either the left or right side to create your braids. Cross one over onto the center section, repeat this process on both sides, ensuring all sections added are equal in size so as to avoid creating an unbalanced braid look.

Single Side Dutch Braid

A side Dutch braid can look stunning when done properly. Although initially it may appear daunting, once you get used to it, it actually becomes straightforward and easy.

This style is ideal for wavy hair as it allows your beautiful curls to show through while adding the cool element of a braid. This versatile look can be worn casually or dressily depending on the occasion.

Make the process even simpler by first detangling and sectioning off your hair with a comb, before separating into two groups. Clip one section tightly while weaving a Dutch braid in the other – crossing side strands under the middle as needed and adding in new ones when necessary. Once you reach the nape of your neck without new additions to add, switch back to regular three-strand braid and tie off with clear hair ties for finishing touches!

Double Twisted Ponytail

No matter your personal style – from sleek and straight to relaxed and undone – the double ponytail is an adorable hairstyle for any event. To elevate this style even further, braiding your ponytails can help prevent loose strands from coming loose while adding an elegant flourish.

Add an eye-catching pop of style and dimension to any ponytail by creating a bubble ponytail. This fun yet easy hairstyle takes your outfit one step further! To do this, simply sweep your locks back into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic band.

Divide your ponytail into two sections and create a bubble effect by twisting each section at equal intervals around its base. Tease as you go, tease each twist in turn and pin into place – you’ll have an amazingly beautiful ponytail that will have everyone asking how it was achieved!

Veil Hairstyle

A stunning veil can make an excellent hair accessory on your wedding day. Pairing it with a crown or tiara adds an extra touch of royalty, creating an exquisite hairstyle perfect for all hair lengths – proms or other formal events too.

This classy yet effortless hairstyle will look fabulous on any bride. Simply use a volumizing hair product to give your locks added volume, then tease your locks up and back for a natural bouffant effect on top. Finish it off with a flower crown or tiara!

This timeless wedding look is ideal for women with thick hair. To achieve more volume, add multiple layers and curl them loosely for an eye-catching style. Add an elegant floral comb or veil for even more romance, and watch as people marvel at your beauty.