Goku Blue hair Styles

Goku recently debuted a blue-haired Super Saiyan form during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which may raise questions. Although not unexpected, the move does increase a few inquiries. Goku achieved his Blue hair God Form after amassing enough anger, using this form to defeat both Freeza and Future Zamasu.


Yamcha is a 16-year-old bandit who lives in the Diablo Desert with his anthropomorphic cat Puar and often robs travelers for money. Although initially reluctant to aid Goku and Bulma after encountering Red Ribbon Army members, he eventually agrees to accompany them to Fortuneteller Baba so they may learn where Upa can find the last Dragon Ball necessary for his revival.

Yamcha has an entertaining yet cowardly personality, yet he still steps up when necessary to fight. He protects Vidro from Hit and Chilled or takes on Beerus from the Other World; additionally, he acts as an effective distraction while Cell increases their attack power. Yamcha often attempts to impress his fellow Z-Fighters by proclaiming his strength or striking Beerus, causing him to stagger slightly.


Goku is one of the most beloved characters from the anime series Dragon Ball. Hailing from Planet Vegeta and sent to Earth as an infant before its destruction, Gohan was raised by his grandpa Gohan and boasted powerful lungs to allow him to battle against Beerus at extreme altitudes.

Goku utilizes his primary power, Ki Blast, to defy gravity and fly through the air. Furthermore, Goku is also an accomplished martial artist. Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue form allows him to match Perfect Hearts’ formidable power, although he requires Jiren and Hit’s help from this villainous opponent.


Gohan, known in Dragon Ball Z as Goku’s firstborn son and Chi-Chi’s wife, is known for being bookish and disliking fighting, yet he reluctantly joins up with the rest of Z Fighters to protect Earth from various threats. Gohan becomes one of his superpowered heroes, becoming the youngest half-Saiyan ever to reach Super Saiyan God level. He can fly, slam, kick, and blast enemies with Kamehameha as part of this form.

Gohan stands out from other characters with his distinctive blue locks, which differentiate him from his father, Zapp. It fits his personality well and is even featured as part of the Extreme Butoden 3DS game’s base form look!


Vegeta is the Prince of all Saiyans and one of the heaviest members of the Dragon Ball Universe. A formidable warrior capable of devastating anything that crosses his path, Vegeta can often be arrogant and aggressive; his pride compels him to train and become stronger daily.

Vegeta is Goku’s closest friend and main rival in combat. However, despite his inflated ego, Vegeta puts family first; he raises Trunks with discipline and affection while showering his daughter, Bulla, with love and praise. Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue form gives him godlike powers, making it one of his most iconic forms. To achieve a similar style with your hairspray and some holding gel for tips.


Broly is a full-blooded Saiyan from Universe 7, first appearing in the Dragon Ball Z movie trilogy. He harbors strong feelings against Goku due to his abusive treatment as a child by his father.

Broly escaped New Planet Vegeta and arrived on Earth, where he suffered amnesia before Mr. Satan and Android 18 found him. Once restored to power, he tried to take revenge against Goten and Gohan but attacked and destroyed Conton City instead. He later shows a soft side, such as his love and concern for Cheelai and Lemo. Additionally, he’s shown to appreciate others’ kindness – such as Goku’s feistiness. Eventually, after training with Goku and Vegeta on Beerus’ planet, he can control his temper and leave Wrathful state behind.