Wedding Hairstyles For Long Curly Hair

Mermaid Waves

Beach waves are a simple and casual wedding hairstyle for brides. Start with clean, dry hair and use a hair waver or no heat technique to achieve this look. It is perfect for informal weddings.

Long Twist Outs

Long twist-outs work well on thicker hair and can be enhanced with pearls or flowers. They are versatile and can be paired with classic bridal accessories.

Low Chignons

Low chignons are timeless wedding hairstyles for curly-haired brides. They look stunning when combined with cascading tendrils and can be accented with braids or flowers. This style is perfect for boho or vintage themes.

Low Twisted Ponytail

Consider a low-twist ponytail with loose tendrils if a chignon does not suit your wedding look. This style works well for brides with longer, curly, or wavy locks. It pairs nicely with veils and adds a dramatic effect.

Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

Half-up, and half-down hairstyles are elegant options for brides with curly hair. Pin up some sections while leaving others down to create a structured yet natural look. This style can be customized with bridal hair accessories.

Asymmetric Shortcut

Regardless of your hair texture, you can create an eye-catching bridal look. Keep the ends long and pin back the middle section for a romantic half-up, half-down style. Add a hairpiece for a glamorous touch.

Try experimenting with different styles and accessories to find your ideal wedding hairstyle!