DIY Highlights For Dark Hair

Caramel highlights look exquisite on dark brown strands, providing sumptuous ribbons of lightness and brightness. They can be achieved at home or in a salon using bleaching kits and tinting brushes. Use a toner after your highlight to ensure you have reached the shade desired. A toner will neutralize orange or brassy tones for an attractive, natural-looking result.

Choose the right shade.

There are various methods available for home use to lighten hair at home. Selecting the ideal shade depends on your desired outcome, whether that be subtle yet natural highlights that are one or two shades lighter than your base hue, or bolder gold and blonde highlights. If going darker in the shade, you could use a toner (available at many beauty stores) to remove orange or brassy tones.

Caramel Highlights

Classic highlights for dark hair, caramel highlights are soft and subtle and can work with most skin tones and eye colors. Furthermore, they look particularly appealing with brown eyes! When selecting your dye shade, paying close attention to both before and after shades on the back of the box will help you avoid brassy tones. In addition, consider your hair pigments (pheomelanin for red-yellow shades, and eumelanin for dark colors), which will influence how highlights turn out.

Divide your hair into sections.

Before beginning to highlight your hair, ensure you have all the required materials. This will save time and protect clothing and work areas from dye stains. Also, wait to mix your highlighter until you are ready to start! Separate your hair into smaller sections according to the style you desire, taking care that they are all roughly the same size so they will all receive equal treatment when it comes time for highlighter applications and blend seamlessly when completed.

To achieve optimal results, it’s recommended that you choose a highlighter one to two shades lighter than your base color. This will ensure that the highlights look natural and belong to the same tonal family as your base shade. Furthermore, use a toner after highlighting your hair to neutralize any orange or brassy tones that may arise after this process.

Use clips or hair bobbles.

But there are plenty of ways to highlight your dark brown hair at home without needing a salon visit. From ombre highlights to balayage, there is sure to be an option that works perfectly with your brown locks. Note that DIY highlights should only be used as subtle accents of brightness; complete hair transformation requires professional colorist consultation. DIY highlights could turn orange if artificial colorants are already present; for more dramatic changes, consult a professional colorist instead.

Clips or hair bobbles can help improve the final result of a highlight job by keeping colored sections apart and preventing color from bleeding onto areas that you do not intend to dye. In addition, wear clothing you do not mind getting stained by bleach or hair dye stains – something new will soon come along!

Wear old clothes

While working with hair dye, it’s best to wear old clothing you’re willing to get stained, as this will protect the clothes from potential damage and save both time and hassle. Furthermore, gloves and protective eyewear should always be worn when applying color, as loose dye can permanently stain clothing and skin.

Cinnamon highlights are an ideal way to add warmth and depth to dark locks. They look adorable on brown locks with red undertones, making your waves appear very pretty. To maintain these highlights, use a clarifying shampoo, conditioner, and an anti-brassy mask to prevent brassy hues.