hairhairHow to Style Long Curly Crochet Hair

Crochet hair can be an easy way to add length and color to your natural locks. Here’s how to style long curly crochet hair.

Medium Twists

Medium twists are perfect for formal events and red-carpet occasions. Experiment with different colors for added impact.

Utilizing Synthetic Crochet Braids

Synthetic crochet braids are a great way to add length and volume without damaging your natural hair. Make sure to moisturize and detangle regularly.

Loose Curls

Crochet hair can be styled in many ways, including loose curls. Try pairing crochet braids with a tapered cut for added dimension and height.

Mix and Match Braiding Styles

Combine different braiding styles for unique textures. Passion twists and loose strands can create a beautiful and colorful look.

Supersized Waves

Crochet braids can add dramatic volume to your hair, especially with a wavy texture. Create casual beachy waves or dramatic bangs.

Curlette – Effortless Curls

Curlette is a new crochet hair system that offers beautiful curls without extra work. Get stunning rings without the hassle.

Butterfly Locs

Butterfly locs are a popular protective style for curly or wavy hair. Use cornrowing or braiding techniques with extensions for a fluttery finish.

Beaded Braids

If you want colored locks without committing to dreadlocks, crochet is a versatile option. Try stunning Havana Mambo box braids with violet-colored extensions.