Easy Updos For Short Hair

Simply because your hair is short doesn’t mean your updo options should be limited; with proper techniques and creativity, you can achieve elegant styles suitable for special events or casual outings with just a bit of imagination and hairspray.

Tease your roots to create plump locks before gathering them into a small chignon. Finish it with loose tendrils for a romantic finish, and you’re good to go.

Simple Updo

Even with neck-length hair, there are still numerous updos that will leave you looking put-together and professional. Braids are one of the most accessible and versatile techniques available for creating these styles; just using your strands with clear hair ties or bobby pins, you can craft numerous looks to complete the look.

Soft curly top buns are another adorable style suitable for short hair. To achieve this style, gather all your locks into a high ponytail before twisting individual sections until they form tight coils around the base of your head. Secure these coils using bobby pins before spraying with hairspray for long-term hold.

Add casual flair with loose strands around your face for an outstanding updo. This simple DIY updo can look beautiful with any outfit and only requires your strands, pins, and some hairspray!

Side Braid

Side braids are an effective way to make an impressionful statement. This hairdo will keep your locks out of your face and off your neck, and it looks picture-perfect from all angles – making it the ideal hairstyle to wear while exercising or attending an event like a wedding!

To achieve this look, gather your hair into a single side braid from beneath the ear opposite your hair part and braid it under. Next, separate this section of accumulated hair into two parts for fishtail braiding.

Add extra sparkle with barrettes or bejeweled accessories for an eye-catching effect, then pin your braids together into a half-crown shape for an effortlessly beautiful updo perfect for casual day trips and Sunday brunch events – and best of all, it’s so simple to achieve!

Fishtail Braids

Add an inverse version for an eye-catching style once you’ve mastered a standard fishtail braid. At the same time, this style requires more practice due to being more intricate. Start by parting your hair into two sections before braiding as usual, but instead of passing small areas over onto their opposite sides, pass them under.

This style works beautifully in white or silver hair colors. If you want a personal touch, decorative pins or flowers can add interest. This look is ideal for weddings or any formal event, including graduation. Spritz TONI