Lighten Up Your Light Brown Hair Color With a Variety of Highlights

Light brown is an elegant hue with many options, from natural-looking highlights to warmer or cooler shades. Try blonde streaks or caramel hues to add depth. Or switch it up with dip dyeing or hair melting for an easy transition!

Ashy Ombre

An ashy hue works beautifully with any natural brown hair shade. Create an ombre effect by gradually lightening from dark to light with each pass over your strands. Add low-maintenance highlights for dimension. Consider creating an ombre style of silver blonde that gradually transitions to ashy brown.

Light Blonde

Add dimension and depth to your blonde locks by introducing brown highlights or lowlights. Various shades of brown create an eye-catching combination suited for warm skin tones. Cool platinum hues with an ashy tint are popular. Blonde highlights in cool tones make a stunning complement to tanned eyebrows and eyelashes.

Caramel Tones

Caramel highlights add dimension and contrast to natural blonde and dark brown hair colors. They work wonders as lowlights or highlights. Warm caramel highlights look fantastic on medium skin tones. Consider chestnut brown hair with caramel highlights for a rich, earthy hue that creates depth and dimension.


Babylights or micro highlights offer a sun-kissed look without intensive bleach and lightening. These ultra-fine highlights add subtle dimension and harmonize with your natural color. Find an experienced colorist who understands your shade.


Bronde blends brown and blonde tones for a subtle, natural look. Achieve it through balayage techniques. Ideal for those seeking a lighter shade or an easy transitional color. Consult with your hair professional before coloring. Use professional hair care products designed for colored hair to maintain vibrancy.