5 Trendy Hairstyles For Women With Medium Hair Over 50

1. Feathered Layers:

Ask your hairdresser about feathered layers to add volume and create a younger appearance. This style lightens your locks, giving them more vibrancy while adding an aristocratic edge to your image.

2. Messy Curls:

Messy curls add an elegant, feminine edge to any look, regardless of hair texture. Achieve this style by wrapping a small section of hair around a scrunchie, leaving an inch or two unwrapped before unwrapping entirely and letting it air dry naturally. This method adds volume and texture without heat-styling tools.

3. Nathalie Emmanuel’s Loose Waves:

Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones uses flexible hold gel on her part line and along her hairline to control loose waves and give shape to curlier locks.

4. Side Ponytail with Loose Locks:

Wider-brimmed hats can make curls hard to maintain. Instead, try tucking your locks into a side ponytail for a more casual style and leave out any loose waves for an alternative approach.

5. Long Layered Haircut:

For a sleek and elegant medium-length hairstyle, long layers can help achieve this goal. Long layers frame your face beautifully, making this the ideal style choice for women over 50 who wear glasses. The center part and soft side-swept bangs add depth and dimension, while curl cream helps control frizziness and prevent frizzing.

6. Medium Length Haircut with Highlights:

Medium-length layered haircuts featuring light blonde highlights can give your natural gray hue an irresistibly modern edge. Alternatively, opt for subtler options by selecting brown lowlights that blend perfectly into the texture of your natural locks. This beautiful shoulder-length hairdo highlights both natural beauty and feminine allure.

7. Long Curls on Shoulders:

Women over 50 with medium-length hair will love displaying stunning long curls on their shoulders as an eye-catching and timeless hairstyle option. Apply curl cream before styling to avoid frizz and create an effortless look. Pull back all of your locks into a side-parted ponytail for an effortless style.

8. Feathered Bangs:

An elegant shoulder-length haircut with feathered bangs is ideal for older ladies to add glamour and sophistication to their appearance. The charges help hide signs of aging on the forehead and chin while creating an eye-framing effect that works on most faces. This haircut requires minimal upkeep.

9. Sleek Straight Haircut:

This sleek, straight, medium hairstyle exudes elegance and is easily managed, suitable for any special occasion. It looks particularly striking on women with light skin complexions, heart-shaped faces, and acceptable, straight hair. Chunky highlights or golden brown hues may add depth and dimension.

10. Shoulder-Length hair with Sophistication:

Long strands touching the shoulder are the ideal hairstyle for women over 50, adding sophistication and emphasizing natural facial features. Pair this hairstyle with a stylish dress for special events to complete the look.

11. Medium Length hair with Curtain Bangs:

Sleek medium-length hair with long curtain bangs is an elegant way to frame your face and add feminine charm. This look works exceptionally well for women with blonde locks who want something sophisticated yet chic.

12. Long Wavy Haircut:

If you’re over 50, medium-length hairstyles offer more versatility than ever. Tousled waves and shag haircuts can give you a sexy look while hiding receding hairlines and masking facial wrinkles. An angled lob or scissor cut with long layered curtain bangs is also a great option.

13. Adding Color:

If your natural blonde locks have an ashy tone, try adding vibrant Balayage highlights for an eye-catching pop of color and youthful vibe. The light brown dye can also bring depth of tone.