Level 7 Hair Color Pictures

Level 7 hair colors represent a medium blonde shade on the hair chart. They work well to complement many skin tones and work for both warm and cool tones.

Level 4.5

Level 4.5 is a classic natural hair color shade. Unfortunately, box dyes tend not to offer this hue so quickly; when found, it can often appear as either dark red or light auburn, and this level can also represent soft silver or pastel hues. This shade works well for various skin tones and is particularly flattering on blondes who wish to transition into brunette territory without becoming too dark. While yellow undertones may sometimes arise, these can often be corrected with corrective purple or blue tones.

Level 6

Level 6 on the hair color chart is a medium blonde shade and is a popular choice among those seeking to lighten their locks without making too dramatic of an impactful statement. It has warm golden undertones, which may vary slightly depending on which brand of dyeing products is chosen. This depth isn’t commonly seen naturally, but is one of the more popular shades available at drugstore hair dyes. Additionally, it is being increasingly utilized for soft or smoky silver and pastel tones; it may occasionally contain unwanted copper or yellow tones, though these can quickly be neutralized using corrective blue or purple shades. This shade can often be described as ashy or golden, with cool tones leaning towards being ashy while warm golden tones tending more toward golden. This hue works well for most skin tones but may not show up as vividly on very dark brown hair. Furthermore, this is an ideal base color to bring other AF colors alive!

Level 8

Level 8 on the hair color chart is a medium blonde hue, sometimes also used to describe light red shades like strawberry blonde. Though rarely found naturally, this hue is relatively popular among hair dye products. As with any blonde shade, this depth may contain unwanted yellow undertones that need to be neutralized using a blue/purple toner. Colorists may add warm or cool tints to alter undertones; this technique is known as toning and can be done before or after applying desired shade. Proper application of toners is vital to achieving desired results. For instance, using a violet-based toner on a pale yellow pre-lightened level, eight hair could leave an overly blue tone; instead, some of your target levels should be added into the mixture to achieve a more neutralized style.

Level 9

Level 7 on the hair color chart is considered medium blonde. This shade features warm golden undertones that may vary depending on which brand of dye is used, making it an excellent option for lightening one’s locks without opting for bleach-blonde shades like this one. Medium blonde complements many skin tones and looks stunning against most hair textures. Rare as a natural hair color but commonly seen among hair dye shades and can be particularly flattering on people with natural shades between levels 6.5 to 9. Light strawberry blonde shades may also fall within this definition, though this usage is less prevalent. If your hair has already been lightened, you must strand test before going all over with coloring it. This will prevent any unwelcome yellow or brassy tones from emerging while toning shades at your roots could also help.