Cute Baby hairstyles

If your baby is still a tiny bundle of joy, you can add some cuteness to his or her hairstyle by using a variety of accessories. Bright colored floral headbands and plastic barrettes can make the first year of baby’s life more memorable. A baby holding or styling gel can also make your fro sleek and stylish. In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most adorable baby hairstyles.

Curly braids with top buns


One of the cutest baby hairstyles is a curly braid with a top bun. This easy to create style is a great choice for active kids. The bun will make your baby look stylish and sophisticated, while still giving them the freedom to move and play freely. To make the braids hold firmly, you can use hair styling gel or Shea butter. This will prevent your little one from losing the braids if they fall.


This easy baby hairstyle can be achieved without a lot of tools. To make the braids hold better, divide the hair into small sections and twist them tightly together. After a few seconds, you will see that the hairstyle is ready. For an easier variation, divide the front portion of the baby’s hair into two separate pigtails. Tie each pigtail with a hairpin to keep the hairstyle in place.

Ankara head wraps


You can also use Ankara head wraps for baby hairstyles to add some extra flair to your fro. For instance, you can create a bun with your child’s hair and place it inside the head wrap for a special occasion. You can even make your own bow and wear it to match! Moreover, you can also accessorize the head wrap with trendy accessories like a cute bow made of ribbon!


If you’re having trouble deciding what to wear, an Ankara head wrap will help you make a quick decision. It can be used to change up hairstyles easily, and is versatile. In addition to being a convenient accessory, it’s a symbol of your African heritage and can bring you closer to your family. Try different patterns to spice up your child’s hairstyle!

Scissor crops


Scissor crops are timeless favorites of many parents and can be styled by parents at home. The style is characterized by a shaved side, which emphasizes a boyish character. It requires less frequent trims and requires less styling time. Hairdressers usually hold the hair with two fingers while moving them in opposite directions, away from the baby’s head. The cut is then made from below the baby’s head, keeping the fingers between the baby and the scissors.


This cut can work well on boys who have naturally curly or wavy hair. It is important to keep the locks clean around the ear and neck. Then, cut the hair above the fingers and blend it in with a comb. For boys who have long hair, you can also use a comb or scissors to add some layers. Alternatively, you can use hair mousse or a slight blow-dry.

Flat twists


Flat twists can be a great alternative to braids. Not only do they hold up perfectly, but they also open up lots of styling options. Try a pineapple updo for a quick, easy style. This style minimizes frizz and is great for wearing out as long as you cover it up with a scarf. Another cute baby hairstyle is a low bun, which can work for any occasion. Just remember to moisturizing your child’s hair before bed so that the flat twists hold their shape.


Another low-maintenance baby hairstyle is a flat twist. This hairstyle is very similar to cornrows but requires less effort. First, part your baby’s hair into two sections. Next, work the sections into flat twists. Then, gather the remaining hair towards the top and accessorize with colorful beads and clips. Flat twists can last for up to a day and can be worked on every day. Be sure to twist your child’s hair each morning so that it stays fresh.



You can make pigtails as cute baby hairstyles for your daughter with wavy hair. The trick is to part the hair at the center of the head. Pull one half into a bun behind the ear, and secure the remaining hair with a tiny elastic. Tie the elastic ten times around the bun so it will be snug but not too tight to prevent the child from pulling on the tail. Brush the hair with a comb or use water to smooth it out. The pigtails should be symmetrical on your baby’s head.


Pigtails are perfect for babies whose hair is too long for a top ponytail. Little A wore her hair in a top side ponytail for a while. It’s easy to achieve the same look with a clip. Once your baby has learned how to use the clip, you’ll be on your way to putting her hair up in cute styles! The following pictures show some ways you can make pigtails work for your daughter.