Layered hair For Short Hair

Layers add depth, fullness, and texture to a short haircut and take the weight off thicker locks for easier styling. Ask your stylist for a quick, layered cut with edgy side bangs to frame the face, and combine this look with bold hair color for an eye-catching casual, chic,, simple, and trendy style.


A basic layered bob is one of the best styles for women with short hair. Layered cuts add texture and volume without making your short strands appear choppy or unruly and can even help create an attractive, soft, angled style that frames your face beautifully. Try a stacked bob for an effortlessly chic style suitable for any age group. If your fine strands need help staying put, add feathered layers for a light yet natural feel and medium-hold hairspray to set off this adorable layered haircut – you’re sure to look cute!


Bixie cuts are one of the more basic layered hairstyles for short hair, similar to their more famous sibling, the pixie cut. Ideal for women who don’t need the same amount every time but still desire an adorable style with low maintenance requirements, bixie is an easy and wearable solution that looks chic but also requires minimal upkeep. Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Barry, and Winona Ryder have popularized this timeless cut known as a Bixie cut that blends elements of both bob and pixie styles. Unlike its shaggy predecessor from the 1990s, modern Bixies feature shorter and sharper angles for a coquettish aesthetic that leans more toward femininity than coquettishness. If desired, add extra texture with chunky highlights or texturizing spray – something the classic Bixie doesn’t offer!


Layering can add volume, reduce weight, and give tresses a cascading look – perfect for medium to thick hair! Layers provide added structure, volume, and movement. A layering cut could be too much if your hair is thin or delicate. It could remove too much weight from your crown area, leaving it looking sparse and straggly. Shatter is similar to layering but differs in that it focuses on texturizing the tips of your hair. Your stylist will use deeply point-cut haircuts (snipping into each end like Christmas trees) to achieve this look and help your locks appear feathery and light.

Flipped Ends

If you want a simple yet classic layered hairstyle that’s easy to style, this one could be just right. Consult with your stylist about creating a collarbone-grazing long bob with blunt, flippy ends. Combine it using a side parting and brush downwards only the flipped ends for this look. Flicky lots can irritate when shoulder-length locks reach the shoulders, particularly if styled with a round brush or when wearing a ponytail. They may even appear during hormonal fluctuations. Try styling your hair differently or growing your strands beyond the shoulders to combat this situation.

Deep Side Part

A basic layered hairstyle may look flat and uninspiring without some added flare, but some simple adjustments will elevate its appeal. Ask your stylist to add asymmetrical layers at the back for added depth, and when brushing up choppy layered shags with hairspray, set them by puffing up slightly for maximum volume and set with hairspray for the most alluring finish. Layers can add volume and drama to short and medium hair lengths. They work particularly well for pixie cuts, bob haircuts, lobs, mid-length locks, and Rapunzel locks – giving a dramatic look with added extra volume that is great for lengthening face shapes and framing cheekbones.

Loose Waves

Loose waves add an air of femininity and style to any layered haircut, from bobs to layers. Loose waves give an informal vibe while remaining stunningly stylish; whether opting for light blonde tones or keeping natural locks, this style will look amazing on any face shape! This inverted bob is designed with carefully placed layers, creating an effortless silhouette to slim your features. A touch of white highlights adds texture and makes your locks pop against their black background. Adding texture to shortcuts such as this bob makes adding volume and movement more accessible than ever!