Hair Style For Women With Long Hair

If you have long hair, choose an elegant, sophisticated style to complete your bridal ensemble. From cascading curls to high pompadours, there’s sure to be plenty of inspiration here.

An elegant French twist makes a formal updo easy to dress up with flowers or other hair accessories, or for something less traditional, try a side part with tousled waves for an easygoing style.

Middle Part

If you have long, wavy hair, opt for a middle part that showcases its natural texture while remaining refined and elegant. Add braids such as French braids, waterfall braids, or side braids as part of an elaborate braided style, or create crown braids as chic headbands to complete your wedding day ensemble.

Medium-length hair can also sport a middle part for a more defined look. Tease back sections or pin them to the top of a low chignon for an effortless yet romantic style, or channel Dua Lipa’s high pompadour look for added dimension.

Middle partings can enhance those with round faces by creating visual facial width. A stylist will ultimately determine what style works best for you.

Fishtail Braids

Brides with long and luxurious locks often opt for fishtail braids as an effortless style for their big day. Fishtail braids can be styled according to your taste; pair your fishtails with a flower crown for added drama and romance!

Alternatively, try pancaking your braids and threading one strand of flowers through them for that Pinterest-worthy oversized effect. This look also works well when worn with a simple headband or tiara.

Milkmaid braids with modern flair make the perfect statement piece for cocktail or sangeet ceremonies, especially when combined with backless lehengas. Furthermore, you can give this braided look an eye-catching boho vibe by adding loose curls or faux bangs as an additional textural detail.

Half-Up / Half-Down

Shoulder-length hair makes creating a stunning half-up/half-down wedding hairstyle straightforward. Curl the strands and pull them loosely towards the front, or clip them with an accessory to achieve this striking look – an irresistibly alluring finish!

Medium-hair-length brides looking for something different should try adding a crown braid as an accessory to their bridal style. This adds depth and dimension to their class by making thin strands look beautiful while adding texture to their style.

If you plan to wear a veil, this bridal hairstyle is an excellent way to show it. It offers a chic style that pairs beautifully with both gown and veil. To complete the look, have your stylist add crown braids and beautiful hairpieces for opulence. This will genuinely elevate your appearance!

Side Part

This deep side-swept style evokes Belle’s romanticism and fairytale-esque beauty from Beauty and the Beast and will have you looking your absolute best on any special occasion. Begin with a fresh blowout before gently pulling a section of hair to one side with elastic wrapped around it before pinning it into place with pins. Complete the look by spraying some shine spray for that finishing touch!

Add an eye-catching flourish to this timeless style by adorning it with a flower or sparkly hairpin for an eye-catching take. Perfect for brides who favor an undone aesthetic, this bridal-approved look can easily be worn again after their big day!

For shorter locks, try an effortless updo. Create a low bun and adorn it with a jeweled headband to achieve an exquisite look that will hold through an evening of dancing!

Natural Hair

Whether you are the bride, bridesmaid, or simply attending a wedding ceremony, your hair should look incredible on this momentous occasion. Here are some stylish styles that enhance natural locks without upstaging the bride on her special day.

No matter the length or texture of your locks, numerous bridal styles will showcase them elegantly. When styled with a sweeping veil and delicate flower pins, a low puffy ponytail looks lovely.

Face-framing cornrows or an Afro with braided braids woven into its top knot can also work well as bridal looks, providing an easy alternative to side-swept braids. This style offers something fresher than the more popular side-swept style.