Lavender hair Color Depositing Dye

Lavender hair has quickly become one of the trendiest hues. Unfortunately, bleaching requires bleaching your tresses, which may cause irreparable damage. If you want a lavender hue but lack the time or commitment to bleach your locks, consider an oxidized dye for an easy way to achieve its look.

Dark Lavender Ombre Hair

Dark lavender ombre hair looks gorgeous on wavy locks. Ask your stylist to create an effortless transition from darker roots to pastel lavender strands for maximum impact.

Smokey Lavender

Lavender is an herb that can be enjoyed as part of herbal smoking blends or by itself. Lavender’s relaxing effects help ease anxiety, headaches, and insomnia and reduce pain and depression; for best results, it must be chosen from quality lavender oils that have been appropriately diluted before applying topically or inhaling directly from their bottles.

Pink Lavender

Lavender has long been used for medicinal benefits and remains a popular ingredient in perfumes and beauty products. Lavender essential oil can reduce inflammation, relax muscles, improve sleep quality, and ease depression; it also acts as an insect repellent. Lavender may help with headaches, bacterial and fungal infections, stomach cramps, and insomnia, treat indigestion, promote wound healing, and relieve pain from sprains, arthritis, or chronic conditions.

Lavender Ends

Thicker streaks of lavender and blue add dimension to this wavy, mermaid-inspired style. Light-as-air lavender hues work best with fair skin tones, while darker blue and purple tones complement medium or neutral complexions.

Wavy Lavender

Lavender is an aromatic herb commonly grown in gardens, used as a natural room freshener, or integrated into skincare products. Its soothing fragrance promotes sleep and relaxation, while studies have revealed how lavender may also aid with anxiety and depression.

Straight Lavender

Lavender flowers are integral to culinary preparation and decor and make an exquisite potpourri. Additionally, lavender petals can be dried and used to produce lavender oil or transformed into lavender-flavored honey for use in recipes and potpourri displays.