Men’s Tips For Taking Care of Long Hair

Long hair can make a statement that’s both stylish and elegant, yet requires meticulous upkeep to retain its form and texture. Otherwise, long locks may appear disorganized or disheveled and become unruly quickly.

There are many men’s grooming tips for long hair that can keep it healthy and looking great, such as trimming.

Wide-toothed combs are ideal for detangling long hair, as their wide teeth evenly distribute natural oils and help prevent tangles. Furthermore, choosing a gentle comb can reduce breakage and split ends significantly. When purchasing a wide-tooth comb for men, carefully consider its size, shape, distance between teeth, type of hair you have, and desired look. Additionally, keep these factors in mind:

Long hair may make men appear casual-cool, but styling it properly takes much effort and care. This is particularly true if your natural curls require additional styling aids like wide-toothed combs and brushes; styling products to add texture and body can also be found at many beauty stores or online. Experts advise against brushing wet hair as this may cause irreparable damage. Instead, using a brush once your locks have dried is suggested to detangle and untangle your locks more efficiently. Brush your hair from ends to roots for optimal results, helping spread healthy oils from your scalp through its strands, keeping it strong and nourished. Also, get regular trims so split ends don’t spread throughout your strands, damaging them further.

Men with long hair can achieve that lived-in and unruly bedhead look using sea salt sprays to recreate how their locks feel after swimming in the ocean and boost volume. Water, sea salt, and Epsom salt are often combined into an effective formula for haircare products. Some brands even add aloe vera or coconut oil to keep hair healthy and strong. You’ll likely come across different scents, such as ocean and lavender. Before styling or applying to damp hair, use sea salt spray. Shake the bottle to blend its contents before beginning spraying – start small at first before increasing quantity as necessary. Use your fingers or comb to style your hair as desired, adding sea salt spray for texture and beachy waves. Twisting or scrunching for an alternative look are also great options.

Hair clay has quickly become one of the most versatile products available for men’s styling in recent years. It provides texture, definition, and medium-to-strong hold with a natural matte finish while being easy to work with when selecting one without harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients. Launch by working a small pea-sized ball of clay between your palms until it reaches a smooth consistency and feels warm to the touch. Since adding more is more accessible than subtracting, start small and build from there. Once the clay is warm and malleable, apply it in sections, starting with your back section and moving forward toward your front section and fringe area. For a more complete look, comb through to ensure even distribution, or use hairspray throughout the day if you want to rework your style midday.