A Kurt Cobain Hairpiece is Going Up For Auction

Kurt Cobain was a style icon who helped pioneer grunge. Now six strands of his hair are being sold off through Iconic Auction’s Amazing Music Auction starting today (May 6) and concluding on May 15.

Bowl Cut

Kurt Cobain epitomized grunge and pioneered its style. He had long hair with bangs framing his face and an often unruly kind caused by headbanging and guitar playing. You can achieve his look by letting your locks grow long and then adding texturizing powders or matte clay to provide the necessary texture to give it the appropriate style.

Cobain had long hair that reached his shoulders during Nirvana’s breakthrough with their debut album Bleach in 1991; he dyed it red for photo shoots and concert appearances to add an edge of drama. Bowl cuts first became fashionable among child stars of the 70s and 80s; they then became taboo during the 1990s due to their association with Kurt Cobain’s Seattle music scene and, eventually, the grunge movement. Later still, young actors such as Ezra Miller for his Harry Potter prequel role and Katherine Waterston (Hedwig in Fantastic Beasts movies) adopted this hairstyle.

Shaggy Look

Easily identifiable by his long blonde locks, which were kept messy and scruffy for an authentic grunge aesthetic, along with his signature jeans and flannels, Cobain made waves when first emerging.

Kurt would often wear his hair long with bangs slicked back just past his ears for a low-maintenance style known as curtain hair, which allows his charges to fall slightly past them. This look requires very minimal grooming. Keep it neatly brushed back, or let it lay loose as Kurt did for maximum casual style!

Recently, Tessa Osbourne of Nirvana’s late frontman Kurt Cobain’s hair sold for $14,145 at an auction house. Osbourne gave Kurt his signature curtain haircut when the band was on its Bleach tour in 1989.

Bleached Blonde Pageboy

Kurt Cobain’s iconic long blonde hairstyle has long been recognized as influencing grunge culture. His natural light blonde locks were messy and disarray, perfect for his laidback style of wearing jeans and flannels with loose clothing such as flannels. He maintained this look throughout his career, and remains one of the most beloved grunge hairstyles today.

Kurt was known to experiment with his hair color from pastel blue to slime green, changing its hue multiple times throughout Nirvana’s Bleach era. At various points in time, he also dyed it red numerous times.

If your natural light blond hair is already lightened by bleaching, it may give you a look Kurt Cobain had. Use bleach that is at least ten times stronger than usual for added drama to guarantee its color won’t fade over time.

Tousled Look

Kurt Cobain’s iconic green cardigan that he wore to MTV Unplugged will soon go up for auction, sure to fetch a handsome sum. Paired with baggy jeans and a white T-shirt, Cobain’s attire epitomizes his relaxed attitude toward fashion.

hair long and tousled hair was an iconic look that practically defined grunge style while experimenting with dyes – from Kool-Aid to full-on red bleach – on his blonde locks.

He famously donned dreadlocks as part of his grunge-influenced style, representing it effectively. To recreate this look, let your hair grow long before backcombing individual sections to form dreads in an undone and messy style; embrace this look for maximum rock star-esque appeal!