Korean Layered Hair – A Stylish and Feminine Style

Korean layered hair is an elegant yet feminine style. Easy to style and suitable for any event! Jisoo from Blackpink flaunts her diamond-shaped face with gorgeous face-framing layers. Long layered haircuts can help accentuate and define natural beauty while emphasizing its features.

Long Layers

This layered Korean trend should be on your radar if you have medium-length hair. It can add dimension and frame your face perfectly for an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and it has long been popular with K-stars boasting naturally silky locks. Pair this style with side bangs for a boho chic vibe or curtain bangs to remove some density without altering the shape of your face frame. Additionally, adding sleek perms or volume could complete this style beautifully. 2021’s trendiest haircut is the Hershey Cut – a combination of layers and wolf cuts; it brings out the natural beauty of wavy locks in an eye-catching manner. Experiment with two-tone colors for added dimension!

Textured Bob

If you want to add movement and texture to your bob, adding textured layers is communicating with your stylist about what style you desire by showing photos; ensure they understand your natural hair texture so they can provide the optimal result. Are You A K-Drama Fan? Have You Noticed How Many Actresses Wear Long Textured Bobs? The reason is due to the way these cuts frame actresses’ face shapes beautifully while at the same time reducing heaviness; bangs or ponytails can easily be styled around them and require only regular trims and light texturizing products for maintenance.

Round Bob

This chic Korean hairstyle is an excellent way to flatter rounder facial structures. Boasting layers and length that grazes the chin, this look helps frame and balance out rounded features while making them appear more proportionate. This chic Korean hairstyle is easy to style and makes for a sophisticated appearance, suitable for all skin types, from straight to curly locks. Wear it without or with bangs as desired for optimal results! This style is ideal for layering hair because it makes each strand appear fuller and fuller, as well as being curled into giant bouncy coils to add feminine charm and glamour. Pair this look with a deep side part and curtain bangs to complete this stunning modern look.

Half Up Half Down

With this Korean hairstyle featuring long layers, curly or wavy hair can achieve a natural look. The waves add movement that softens a strong jawline. A layered bob can also help balance wider faces. Use curlers or hot rollers to curl your strands for added volume. One popular style is a chin-length bob with straight and choppy bangs, providing an eye-catching frame for women looking for a sleek yet modern look. For an elegant feminine look, try styling your hair half up with curl curtain bangs for a feminine twist. This style is easy to maintain and ideal for those with thin or fine locks.


Actresses and K-pop idols frequently choose to style their layered hair with bangs for maximum impact. From blunt fringes that fall below your brows to long side bangs, this look works wonders in framing a broad face to create an oval chin and thickening thin strands to create fuller-looking locks. Another popular style choice is getting a soft perm, which creates a loose “C”-shape in your hair ends. Combine this look with a long bob and curtain bangs – like Red Velvet star Joy has in Red Velvet – for an effortlessly stylish yet relaxed appearance. Consider choosing a dark chocolate shade if you want to give your layered haircut some added color. Rich brown hues will compliment any skin tone while emphasizing facial features perfectly.