Korean Laid Back hairstyles

If you want to experiment with different lengths and styles of layered hair, try a layered bob. The layered bob style has cheek-long bangs and tapered sides. A layered bob is an elegant, feminine look that’s both modern and timeless. This trend has been around for a while and is still very much in style! The main thing you need to know is that this hairstyle is not only flattering but can also make your hair look incredibly gorgeous.

layered bob


You may have already noticed that many female celebrities and young girls sport layered hairstyles. This style is extremely versatile, and you can even wear it with an up do, bridal haircut, or a simple ponytail. This style also works well with different hair types, and you can get different layers cut on the front, sides, or back. You can even use different hair products to improve your look. To learn more about the benefits of this style, read on!


Layered long hair with slightly longer bangs can give you a youthful, casual look. Alternatively, you can choose a layered bob that features an under-curve. Regardless of your hair type, this style offers low-maintenance and an attractive look. For the ultimate Korean look, you can try styling your hair to achieve the exact look you desire. However, if you’re not sure what kind of cut to get, consider starting with a one-length bob.


Firstly, the Korean style makes hair look polished. It also has a unique, tousled texture. To complete the look, you can add loose c-curls, too. Whether you want to look edgy and youthful, a layered hairstyle can give you just that! If you have a short hairstyle, you can add layers to it for volume and dimension. Another popular Korean hairstyle is the rounded bob. To give your bob the perfect amount of volume and movement, consider adding layers to it.

layered bob with cheek-long bangs


This unique cut can be worn in several ways. You can wear it straight or curl it into subtle beach waves. Make sure to lighten your ends and lower third of the hair to achieve a soft transition between layers. This style is also ideal for a daredevil-inspired look. You can opt for a shoulder-length layered cut to add a touch of grunge style. This hairstyle features voluminous layers with not-too-airy fringes. You can also make sure to straighten your hair afterward to achieve the desired look.


Depending on your facial features and hair texture, you can go for wavy textures and even a short bob. These Korean hairstyles are great for people with cold or calm personalities. You can even use frizz-control styling mousse to smooth your hair and create a more feminine look. Lastly, you can try a short layered bob with cheek-long bangs to complement your face shape.


You can go for a basic layered bob cut or a more edgy version. In Korea, this style is a staple of celebrities, and is very flattering on women with square faces. This style also works well with thin hair as it adds body to the back. It complements almost any outfit and looks great on many Asian women. There are many celebrities sporting this style and you can look forward to seeing it on you soon.

layered bob with tapered sides


The layered bob with tapered sides is the most common Korean hairstyle. This is a modern hairstyle that emphasizes neat colors, a middle part, and tapered sides. It is usually dyed in a rusty blonde color with undercut sides and longer hair at the temples. The hair is styled with a taper on one side, which makes the layered bob look gradually longer.


The layered bob style comes in many variations. These can range from one length to angled and inverted. An a-line bob is a modern silhouette with cool choppy layers and fun asymmetry. It also looks fabulous with partial balayage. This cut is easy to maintain and flatters round faces. The chin-length layers give a slimming effect and the brown tones add a surprise glint to every turn of the head.


If you have straight, shiny hair, you will love the symmetrical cut of Korean layered hair. This hairstyle is typically longer in the front and short in the back. Koreans are masters of medium-length styles. You can get a similar look by going for a chunky taper hairstyle. This layered bob has hairs that are half an inch long at the sides and one-half inch long in the front and back.