Long Curly Boy Haircuts That Look Great on Kids

Boy’s haircuts can be unique and practical; this curly mullet style combines modern shaved fade with long front layers for an enjoyable, realistic look.


Braids are an exquisite hairstyle for curly or kinky-textured hair, available in various styles – from three-strand braids to more complex cornrows or box braids. However, it is essential to remember that tight braids could damage follicles, diminish overall scalp health, and lower quality hair growth. If opting for braids, ensure they do not become too close, as this could damage both follicles and overall scalp health.

Braids offer another critical benefit: They can assist with hair growth. Braids can add color without damaging natural locks or breaking them off entirely by masking awkward transitional phases between straight and natural textures. However, proper hydrating products should be used to properly maintain braids.

Try a fishtail braid or five-strand braid if you want a stylish way to show off your braids. Both styles are simple and require little experience; they provide an alternative way to manage wild man curls!


Undercuts are one of the most versatile haircuts, providing men with many styling possibilities. Typically featuring hair shaved off at the back and sides while longer locks sit atop, the style allows you to experiment with various looks from sleek and smooth to rockabilly and voluminous styles – perfect for adding flair and personality to their appearance! An undercut makes an excellent way to update any man’s look!

Though an undercut appears daunting initially, it can help thin thick hair by eliminating excess length and volume. Furthermore, cutting away some strands may drastically cut styling time for those suffering from hard-to-control frizz issues.

Originally popular among working-class gangsters during the 1920s and 1930s, the style made a brief comeback when Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders used it. Soon after, trend-setters such as David Beckham became trend ambassadors, propelling it further. Since then, its popularity has only continued to increase.

Top Bun

An added layer of texture to a top bun will make it more casual and easy to maintain. One method is using dry shampoo instead of shampooing your locks every few days; another approach would be using texturizing spray before brushing and styling into a top knot; or pancake the bun for more style or pin loose strands down for an ‘unkempt’ appearance.

Whether curly or straight, this updo can look sophisticated and modern. Gather your locks into a high ponytail, twisting it. Next, pass an elastic band through its base, only halfway. Finally, pin down and secure with pins around your face to complete this look.

Add a bit of fantasy with this eye-catching top bun featuring green and blue-streaked designs! Perfect for summertime nights out.

Short Mohawk

Mohawks are an excellent way for boys to add personality and distinction to their looks. This style works particularly well on those with curlier locks as it helps accentuate their feminine features. If you want something with more edge, add spikes for an edgier edge; this also works great if they have fine hair, which helps it appear fuller.

Add some contrast to your Mohawk by including a fade on the sides of your head, perfect for boys with straight or wavy locks who want to showcase their creativity and individuality. It even looks great when dyed a darker color, such as gray or blue, for extra flair!

This mohawk style combines two popular hairstyles – the mullet and the mohawk. This eye-catching style is perfect for boys looking to stand out from the crowd; featuring a medium-length central ridge with one or more sides shaved off (depending on preference), this look will turn heads! Perfect for boys afraid of going too far with their mohawk styles.