How to Give Your Kids a New Hairstyle That Shows Off Their Personality

No matter whether they’re boys or girls, your kids want to show their personality through their looks – one effective way is getting haircuts.


A Caesar cut is an ideal style choice for children because it can be styled in various ways. This example features a textured top with finger-combed forward fringe. In addition, all sides of hair have been shaved for an added clean look.

Side Part

Side part hair styles make an excellent option for boys’ haircuts. They provide a compromise for boys who desire long locks but must keep it short for school, and at the same time look stylish and well-groomed – providing more volume on top and framing around their facial features.

Burst Fade

This style is an excellent option for children with straight hair, providing them with a stylish yet practical look. Easy to maintain with regular trimmings and basic care needs. Versatile enough to work for all textures of hair!

Crop Top

A textured crop top haircut for kids is one of the trendiest styles around. Perfect for boys with wavy locks, this haircut adds volume and creates an interesting texture while simultaneously giving their hair some volume and body. For maximum effect it is important to use either holding gel or pomade.