Haircut Tutorial – The Classic Bob

The classic bob is a versatile haircut with endless variations. You can choose from shag, pixie crop, bob, mullet, or wolf cut bob styles to find something suitable for everyone.


A classic bob is flattering for all hair textures. It can be a blunt chin-length bob or a layered neck-length bob. It works well to frame round faces or soften angles on square faces while adding movement and texture without losing its sleek appearance.

Disconnected Bob

A disconnected bob is a variation of the classic bob that offers additional volume and movement. It is ideal for thick or curly locks. To achieve this look, part the hair down the center, secure each section using dry sectioning clips on either side and cut evenly with a razor.


A bob with angled layers looks sleek and refined with the right volume. Angled layers help define the shape and are ideal for women with naturally wavy hair. A layered bob styled in cinnamon honey color can give you an effortless yet chic look suitable for any occasion.

Chin Length Layered Bob

This chin-length layered bob is feminine and striking. It features long feathered bangs worn loosely or tucked behind the ears. Add a splash of color, such as blonde highlights or an ombre, to make it eye-catching.


The bob is a timeless haircut with any hair texture or face shape. Its customizable length and layers can suit each individual’s preferences. From blunt chin-length bobs with bangs to long shaggy ones with textured layers, there is a bob hairstyle for everyone.

Adding Graduation to Your Bob

To add graduation to your bob, cut diagonal-forward sections in the nape area, matching each cell to its previous one. Trim off excess hair for a straight line. Move to the crown area, working vertically and ensuring each new cut line matches up with the previous ones. This creates soft surface layers and provides structure to the bob. Continue this process towards the occipital bone to elongate the neck and maintain weight and volume.


While a classic blunt bob with bangs is timeless, there are other styles to consider for a short crop. Trends like revealed roots, copper balayage, and light wavy layers can enhance this more straightforward look. Choppy texture boosts can add an eye-catching edge to any chin-length layered bob, especially for clients with fine hair textures. Wash and section your hair to add volume to an angled bob, then cut short-to-long layers using Philip’s personalized dry-cutting techniques. Make sure to communicate closely with your client to achieve their desired look.