5 Cute Kids Curly Hairstyles

Your child with curly hair has many fun styles available to them, from buns and braids to braided styles and braids. A consistent hair care routine using quality products can keep their curls moisturized while looking their best. Here are a few cute children’s curly hairstyles you should try this summer.

1. Baby Buns

Your name, Baby Buns, speaks volumes about your carefree spirit and willingness to take risks. Curious by nature, you’re constantly asking “why” from others who seem content doing things the same way every time. Dana Griffin-Graves’ pregnancy announcement of Kaleb Arkell went viral, inspiring millions. On this episode of the 1 Girl Revolution podcast, she discusses 17 years of infertility, multiple miscarriages, including their stillborn son’s passing away, adoption, and her journey through NICU care.

2. Loose Braids

Loose braids can make an adorable style statement for children, especially when accessorized with a pretty bow or beaded accent. This stylish hairdo makes a fantastic style choice for pageants or special events! Brush and divide your child’s hair into two parts. Please braid the right section down, repeating this process on both sides. Pull both teams together into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie, before wrapping gathered braids around and pining up for an attractive finish.

3. Ponytail

A ponytail is an everyday style that also looks stunning for evening events. This look works best when your curls are glossy and full. Use gel to smooth out your locks for an instantaneous finish before pulling your locks back into a ponytail. Double ponytails add an exciting and playful element to this style. Conceal the elastic with some hair, cinch each ponytail with an eye-catching barrette or bow, and enjoy.

4. Puff Up Ponytail

There’s nothing more timeless and classic than a ponytail hairstyle, yet you can add flair by teasing and bumping it up with just a bit of extra creativity. Red carpet fashionistas love this style as it looks sophisticated and eye-catching. Tease the crown section to form a high ponytail with tendrils at either side for maximum impact. As another option, stack two ponytails and pin them together with bobby pins for a sleek, polished look. Add an air misting of hairspray for the final touch!

5. High Bun

The high bun is one of the newest trends, and looks fantastic on all hair lengths and types–long, short, curly, straight, or with or without bangs. Pull back your locks without brushing and secure them with an elastic to create this chic updo. Start by twirling it around a flexible, and wrap it for an elegant topknot like Sheila Vand’s simple topknot worn at her dressy dinner event or any special occasion. This sleek style makes an impressionful first impression and will impress at any formal dinner or gathering.

6. Bangs

If your daughter has bangs, keep them in place using adorable hair pins or scrunchies to look lovely at school, playtime, or special family dinners. This simple style will help her look her best at any event! For a modern take on Farah Fawcett’s feathered bangs, consider trimming them shorter than you want (remembering that curly hair tends to shrink down), then use dry shampoo wipes to wipe away oils that build up in between washes.

7. Bangs in a High Bun

This cute updo has recently become one of the trendiest bangs, popularized by celebrities such as Cardi B and Megan the Stallion. To achieve this look, ensure your hair is long enough to put into a ponytail and drape across the forehead. Create two high-space buns secured with hair ties on either side for an adorable casual look ideal for petite or round-faced women. This look works exceptionally well during everyday events.

8. Loose Curls

Loose coils look fabulous on medium-length hair. Their loose waves complement the lines of the face more, and have an effortless, free-flowing style. Use a gel or mousse that does not weigh down curls, and add texture with salt spray or texturizing hairspray. Wear this unicorn-inspired style, featuring chestnut brown roots that transition into a lightened lilac hue midway for a dreamy ombre effect and loose curly locks pinned back. Complete the look by pinning back open locks!