hairhairJoe Keery and His Lovable Hair

Joe Keery is known as an accomplished actor, having featured in films like Free Guy and Molly’s Game. However, what his fans often want to talk about most is his hair. As seen on Stranger Things, Keery boasts luxurious locks that rival even celebrities with more substantial hair.

Steve Harrington on Stranger Things

Steve Harrington stands out in Stranger Things thanks to his distinctive 80s pompadour hairdo, easily distinguishable by its volume. Lots of hairspray goes into creating his dark brown locks.

Keery seems disgruntled that his hair so consumes fans; during an interview, he called such an obsession “really ridiculous.” His hair routine is relatively straightforward – he gives his locks “the cat paw” to add volume and keep them in place while dealing with heat damage effectively. There are no plans to change his style anytime soon.

Steve Harrington on Free Guy

Steve Harrington’s iconic hair is instantly recognizable. Keery has already started branching out from his Stranger Things roots, with roles in Fargo Season 4 and Free Guy filming alongside Ryan Reynolds. But his iconic swoopy locks will always remain his calling card.

Steve Harrington on Molly’s Game

Joe Keery initially gained recognition through appearing in food commercials before landing the role of Steve Harrington on Stranger Things. Since then, he has become an internet phenomenon with his signature pompadour. He does little to maintain his hair, using clips throughout to add volume.

Steve Harrington on Fargo

Joe Keery’s character Steve Harrington stands out among others for his incredible locks, which have inspired some fans to recreate his look. Recently, he was cast in Fargo for its fifth season. He continues to make a name for himself in the entertainment industry, promoting his new song that advocates inclusivity and anti-racism.