Beautiful Styles – How to Prevent Inflamed Hair Follicles

Inflammation of the skin or hair follicles is a condition that results in the activation of the autoimmune system which leads to loss of hair. The hair follicle cells within the skin die and are expelled through the skin leaving behind a red rash that is surrounded by a scaly top layer. This condition can be caused by a variety of factors, the most common being stress, chemical damage (for example Hair dyeing or ironing), severe sunburns, poor nutrition and vitamin deficiency (especially Biotin which is a B-vitamin responsible for healthy hair). Inflamed hair follicles lead to the formation of white heads and light colored tresses, whilst damaged follicles result in dark brown or black Hair.

Inflamed Hair follicles are a common problem for people who wear tight braids, cornrows or other restrictive styles. Removing a few inches of this can make all the difference in how much attention your style gets. A visit to a stylist with an anti-follicle shampoo may be the best way to keep that looking great. Topical steroids or antihistamines can also be prescribed to help reduce inflammation and itching.

The occurrence of chronic bacterial folliculitis and allergic reactions to shampoo, soaps, and detergents are the main causes of inflamed hair follicles. Inflamed Hair follicles are the result of the presence of excess keratinocytes (that follicle’s major resource for producing hair shaft material). Keratinocytes in the Hair follicles become overactive due to the presence of the “friendly” bacteria associated with chronic bacterial folliculitis. When you consider that hair loss is almost always the result of a severe allergic reaction to one or more shampoo products, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair styling products, or other contact Hair elements, you quickly see the importance of treating that follicles so that they can function at their optimal level for hair growth and abundance. Here are some Modern design ideas that will help you do just that…

Inflammation is a part of the normal hair cycle, but when the hair follicles are inflamed for whatever reason, they become unmanageable. When this happens, the hair becomes dry and damaged, it will not look its best and in some cases it may even fall out. Some reasons that cause inflammation include over styling of the hair, harsh chemicals used on the hair, and poor nutrition. Modern Model is about making that as healthy as possible so you do not have to worry about having an inflamed hair follicles.