How to Style Curtain Bangs With Thick Hair

Curtain Bangs: An Elegant Hairstyle

Curtain bangs are a stylish way to frame and enhance cheekbones and jawlines, giving classic bob cuts a modern and chic look. This trendy fringe can look stunning on shoulder-length hair. It’s versatile and low maintenance, making it suitable for any special occasion or everyday life!

The Ideal Cut for Gradual Curtain Bangs

If you want to introduce curtain bangs gradually, this hairstyle is perfect. It’s a visually appealing style that adds an effortless vibe to your look. This makes it suitable even if you’re growing out your bangs and unsure if they suit your face structure. Longer curtain bangs are a beautiful accessory for wavy or curly locks, framing your face and drawing attention to delicate facial features. You can also wear them with an attractive headband for a lovely updo!

Achieving an Eye-Catching Fresh Cut

You don’t need to rely on heavy styling products to achieve an eye-catching fresh cut. Use a volumizing or texturizing product before blow-drying your hair to maintain its natural voluminous shape. Adding a light gray shade can also provide extra depth to your hairstyle.

The Length that Makes a Statement

Curtain bangs have become a popular beauty trend due to their face-framing fringe. They flatter nearly every face shape and provide enough volume to make a statement while remaining manageable. Curtain bangs are typically shorter in the center and longer on the sides, forming a frame around your face like curtains around windows. You can tuck them behind your ears for a casual and edgier style. While curtain bangs require ongoing care, they generally require less maintenance. You can style them using multiple products without appearing overdone. Regular trims and minimal use of styling products are recommended whenever possible.

The Style: Forehead Coverage and Face Framing

Curtain bangs cover the forehead and frame the face. They look best when worn at longer lengths, hitting either the cheekbones or chin tops. This length provides an authentic, youthful look without going for the drastic “pixie cut” effect, making it perfect for women trying bangs for the first time. Curtain bangs offer volume and movement without overwhelming the hairstyle, making them an excellent option for fine or thin locks and avoiding excessive styling. This style can benefit from coily or kinky hair types, as it creates a relaxed aesthetic. A light mist of hairspray after flat ironing can provide additional hold and control. Curtain bangs also work wonders on bob hairstyles, instantly updating them into modern feminine looks!

Maintenance for a 1970s Vibe

Curtain bangs add a distinct 1970s vibe to your look without making drastic changes. When middle-parted and falling toward the corners of your eyes, they frame your face with an aesthetically feminine style that exudes confidence. Adding fringe can make your strands appear fuller and lifted if you have thin hair. Consider asking your stylist to add choppy layers for added drama for, texture and depth. Long curtain bangs suit most face shapes and can be styled into an updo or bun. While they may initially appear messy, you can keep them polished with styling cream and sea salt spray. Take inspiration from Zendaya, who pulls her fringe back into a low ponytail for an elegant and chic style.