Images of Hairstyles With Bangs

If you’re thinking of adding bangs, numerous styles are available for consideration. They can accentuate facial features and hair textures while adding softness and volume to any face shape.

Curtain Bangs: A Retro Vibe

Get a retro vibe with curtain bangs, or add elegance with wispy eyebrow-grazing strands for an eye-catching retro style that works beautifully on long, straight locks. This style also works beautifully when styled with long, straight locks.

Straight Bangs: Versatile Styling Options

Straight bangs can be styled in several ways to achieve elegant face framing and look. From parting them on either the left or right side of your face to sweeping them forward or wearing them down, straight bangs provide versatile styling options perfect for framing any face shape and hair texture from thick to thin surfaces.

Romantic and Feminine Straight Bangs

Try curling your straight bangs using a tool like the Tourmaline Titanium Curling Wand from SLEEK’E Hair to give your consecutive charges more romantic and feminine touches. This will provide them with a soft yet natural appearance. Or use a taming spray like the one Yara Shahidi used to prevent her bangs from falling into her eyes while working.

Baby Bangs: Playful and Trendy

Baby bangs (also called micro or cropped bangs) have quickly become one of the top hair trends in 2019. This trendy fringe sits just above your eyebrows and frames your face beautifully; its playful appearance makes it especially suitable for young women who like experimenting with fashion trends.

Styling Tips for Wavy or Curly hair with Baby Bangs

If you have wavy or curly hair, using a volumizing product to give your baby bangs fullness will help them look full and lush. Teasing will also work to add dimension and finish the look off nicely; add hair spray afterward and lock it all into place! Furthermore, moisturize regularly to maintain healthy and strong locks.

Waved Bangs: Side-swept for Long, Wavy Hair

If you have long, wavy hair, a side-swept fringe is an appealing and youthful style. You can braid, pin back, or even slick down this style according to your preference; it frames your face beautifully.

Feathery Waved Bangs for Fine Hair, Elegant Finish for All

Opt for feathery fringes like those seen on Twiggy and Selena Gomez for fine strands. Have your stylist blend your bangs seamlessly with other face-framing layers for an elegant finish. For shorter strands, try an understated fringe that rests just above or at the top of your forehead for a low-key rock n’ roll vibe. This style works for any face shape; rounder faces may particularly benefit. Paint back the fringe for more structure or angle to switch things up even more.

Layered Bangs: Shape and Volume

Rather than going all in with full fringe bangs, layered bangs may be an excellent alternative for adding shape and volume to your hairstyle without investing too much. With layers, your bangs will fall softly across your face without looking heavy or unruly.

Long Layered Side Bangs: Best of Both Worlds

Long layered side bangs are an ideal style to adorn long locks as they provide the best of both worlds – longer strands to frame your face and a side-swept, wavy, or straight fringe that swerves to one side of your head – an elegant combination that showcases both cheekbones and eyes at their best! This style brings back memories of Rachel from Friends with its long, see-through, wispy bangs that frame your face beautifully and add texture and volume. Perfect for thin hair!

Side Swept Bangs: Framing and Reshaping

Side-swept bangs can be an ideal way to frame the face, showcase eye color, and reshape it. Pairing side-swept bangs with layered shaggy bobs creates a balance with any face shape; choose lighter-colored bangs to focus more on your eyes – long side-swept bangs with red highlights also look very flattering! If desired, you can make the most of short locks by styling them with side-swept bangs. Just ask your stylist to comb them flat against the opposite side of your face so they do not look too short, and the desired layered pixie haircut with side-swept bangs will suit all face shapes and hair textures perfectly!