Black Hair Dye to Hide Your Grays

Black hair dye can be an effective way to conceal grays. Selecting a shade that matches your natural shade ensures maximum coverage.

Non-Oxidative Hair Dyes

Non-oxidative hair dyes, like Goldwell Elumen Color Cools, slowly wash out and provide 30-70% gray coverage. These dyes are gentle on hair and effectively hide first grays.

Permanent Dye

Perform an allergy test first. Remember to use a conditioning treatment after coloring, as it can dry out your hair. Take breaks between dye jobs to protect your scalp and locks. Use a plastic visor/mask to shield your face from chemicals and cover any areas that might get dyed.

Selecting a Shade

Choose natural-looking hues for better coverage of grays compared to fashionable colors. Professional hair colorists can help you select a shade that blends seamlessly with your hair. Research salons to find ones that offer your chosen brand of dye.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is a safe option with low ammonia. It doesn’t require a developer and provides sheer color coverage. Use this kind of dye between permanent colors to refresh and add shine. It does not lighten or change the tone of your hair.

Permanent Hair Dye

For the best coverage of gray hair, permanent dye is recommended. This type of color uses chemical processing to swell the cuticle and deposit pigment, which is then sealed with a protective sealant. Choose a shade that is close to two shades darker than your natural hue for optimal results. Gradually dyeing your locks can delay the appearance of gray strands as it grows out.


Although not considered hair dye, henna can enhance dark or gray hair without harsh chemicals. It stains strands with metallic-based colors and can be combined with conditioner for greater effectiveness.

Highlights or Lowlights

Consider adding highlights or lowlights to add depth and dimension to your hair. Highlights can frame your face, hide uneven coloring, and provide special treatment for gray locks.