How to Rock Your Own Hockey Hair

Hockey hair, whether known by its many other names such as chop, moss, lettuce, or salad, is an integral component of the game and represents commitment, dedication, and love of hockey.

Minnesota high school players spend months, sometimes years, developing their game for state tournaments, and each spring, John King records all this on video.


Hockey hairstyles take time and dedication to perfect. If you want to show your version, start by finding a haircut that best matches your current or desired length, such as adding layers to your locks for a longer style or opting for a crew cut or fade with fade effect.

Flow can be found among players from junior leagues through to the NHL. Often accompanied by scruffy beards or thin chinstraps (especially among junior players and early NHL careers), flow is the mark of a true hockey player. It should make you feel ready for battle at center ice – your teammates won’t be able to help but respect it! To achieve it takes patience and dedication from you both; once mastered, it can lead to greater confidence, speed improvements, and even more shots on goal!


Joey Moss was not only an outstanding hockey player but also a tireless advocate for people with special needs. His life demonstrates that even those with disabilities can achieve their dreams if supported by family.

Hockey players tend to sport abundant hair on their heads and use various products to keep it in place. Some use pomade to add volume, while others rely on gel or unique hockey-specific products for hair management.

Mullets have become one of the signature looks in hockey, made iconic by Jaromir Jagr’s two Stanley Cup wins and a gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games, wearing it to both. His fans even created a Wiki about him, wearing mullet wigs in his honor.


Hockey fans love letting loose and showing their support, from cheering their team on to selling after a primary goal, showing their pride for the sport they love – especially in Minnesota, where high school hockey reigns supreme! Every year Minnesota High School Hockey Championships celebrate all that The Gopher State has to offer, featuring some of its most stylish fans with flowing locks, lettuce, or mullets.

No one knows when “flow” became part of hockey, but it indeed began gaining steam in the 80s as players started growing longer hair and styling it more freely than they had earlier.

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With the Minnesota High School State Tournament now over a month old, John King, creator of the “All Hockey Hair” videos, is back with a lighthearted takeoff designed to lighten the atmosphere during these Stay At Home days.

He checks up on some of the eccentric-haired skaters he featured back in March, sees how their salads are doing, and offers an insight into his 2020 All-Hockey hair Team.

Salad is a term in hockey to describe curly hair that is typically considered beautiful instead of straight and luxurious flowing locks, such as the flow. It resembles a mullet but tends to be seen more favorably; some players even sport impressive salads even more so than mullets; these include physical players known as “pylons,” players with “snipes” that go bar down in goal, or this guy from Warroad who has an incredible one that makes your head hurt – just saying.