The Hitler Haircut

Though the man with this haircut might not resemble a Nazi, its association to neo-Nazis is clear. First popularized by Hitler Youth movements, these styles now serve to show support for these movements by wearing it themselves.


Young men today are drawn to a style worn by Hitler when he was younger – known as the Hitler Youth Haircut – that includes buzzed sides with long locks on top that are pulled back and smoothed back with pomade. It has become popular among men seeking an eye-catching and fashionable appearance.

While not particularly flattering, this haircut has become extremely popular among youth – including many members of Nazi movements and some fashionistas who use the Hitler haircut as part of their fashion statements.

Long Beard

Though it might sound counter-intuitive, this haircut has become extremely fashionable among young men today. Reminiscent of Hitler’s own hairstyle in his youth, this cut features faded sides with long locks on top that are styled back using pomade.

Hitler is famously associated with his distinctive Prussian military crew cut, which features almost completely shaved sides and back, long sides and parted top. Although widely associated with Nazi youths, its origins can be found among working-class people of Victorian England like Peaky Blinders gang. Later adopted by high-ranking members of Nazi Party such as himself and copied widely among Wehrmacht soldiers during 1930s-’40s wartime Germany.

Today, the Hitler youth haircut is extremely fashionable among young people because it can be worn either with or without beard. This style features a fade on both sides and long locks which are typically combed back and secured using pomade.

Hipster Hairstyle

Long hipster hairstyles exude the same edgy aesthetic of their shorter counterparts, but with additional length. Wavy or curly locks will benefit most from this style, creating an eye-catching texture to complement their overall appearance. Combine it with a taper fade and beard for an impressive combination that screams “cool.”

This cut strikes an ideal balance between sleek back haircut and messy hipster style. To achieve it, trim your hair slightly longer than stubble length and leave a patch of longer hair at the front; tease this patch up using some styling gel to form a quiff; then comb back the remaining locks for an immaculate back view.

Another hipster haircut option for men who wish to express their stylish side is the disconnected undercut, featuring closely shaved sides and an extended top section. Ideal for any event as it can be styled up or down depending on its purpose, the disconnected undercut makes an impressionful statement!

Long Hair

People commonly associate the Hitler Youth haircut with his hairstyle. Also known as a crew cut or the Prussian military style, this look features almost entirely shaved sides and back, with long, parted top. Popular among Wehrmacht soldiers as a mark of obedience to their army, this look was especially revered among them.

After World War II, this look declined in popularity until its revival during the 1980s among new wave fans and young men involved in skater and punk subcultures. Today it remains popular and can even be seen worn by celebrities.

Although this style may not suit everyone, if you have longer locks it could make for an eye-catching style. To give this a try ask your barber for a fade fade on both sides before combing back the hair on top of your head smooth back for maximum effect.