Cute Basic Hairstyles For Women

There may be days when you want to look polished but need more time or patience for a complete blowout. Instead, try one or more of these adorable basic hairstyles to spruce up your natural strands or yesterday’s tousled waves and achieve that polished look in minutes!

Half-Up Ponytail: If your classic ponytail needs an upgrade, try this quick and stylish alternative in just one minute. Separate two front locks and twist them together for an adorable half-up ponytail look.

Razored Layers and a Face Frame: Create plenty of movement and volume while curling your hair by adding razored layers. This style keeps things manageable and accentuates your cheekbones.

Flip-Up Layers: For girls with wavy or straight hair, thinning the ends with thinning shears can help avoid making them too dense. Flip up many of your layers for a fun backswept effect and to show off any vibrant hair colors you may have.

Loose Waves: Perfect for the beach, loose waves or beachy curls add a feminine touch to your look. You can also style them with a headband for added style.

Twisted Braid with Loose Waves: Learn how to create a twisted braid with loose, beachy waves in this tutorial by YouTuber Lainey Marie. Spritz damp hair with a leave-in conditioner, divide it into two sections and twist small pieces around a cord for a braided look.

Effortless Chic Waves: Use a curling wand and texturizing spray to achieve an effortlessly chic look with loose waves. Lightly tease the top section for added volume, and let the loose coils frame your shoulders.

Twisted Low Ponytail: Ponytails with twists are attractive for any age. Create a low ponytail, make a hole, and twirl two side ponytails through it for a fun twisty ponytail.

Wavy Twisted Low Ponytail: Add a wavy twist to the low ponytail style by forming flat twists and crossing them over the ponytail. Tuck all the twists back into the ponytail for an attractive, feminine hairstyle.

Braided Ponytail: Braided ponytails offer a stylish alternative to classic ponytails. Add some glitter for added glamour, perfect for special occasions like prom or parties.

Fishtail Braided Ponytail: Try the fishtail braided ponytail style for an elegant and princess-like look. This intricate hairstyle keeps long hair out of your face and can be adorned with a bow for fun.