Choosing a Color For Your Highlights

Highlights can add dimension and shine to your ‘do. When selecting the hue for your highlights, ensure it complements your skin tone and eye color. No matter the color of your hair or highlight color preference, there is something perfect for every highlight trend – from summery blonde highlights to soft face-framing brown shades.

Brown hair Highlights

Dark brown hair can be highlighted using various tones of highlights when it comes to balayage; shades that are only slightly lighter than natural can create the subtlest results. This chestnut balayage looks fantastic worn in long wavy locks and perfectly showcases this coloring technique.

If you want to experiment with color but are still deciding whether to market fully dyeing your locks, try adding semi-permanent highlights with lighter hues like light blue or pink. They only last through several washes but allow you to explore bolder trends without total commitment!

An elegant way to enhance brunette hair is with shimmering blonde streaks. These subtle yet noticeable highlights work best when styled to emphasize your face shape, pairing well with tousled bob cuts or tousled waves.

Blonde Hair Highlights

Blonde hair highlights can be an easy and stylish way to refresh your look. Whether you wear your blonde locks straight or curly, adding highlights can give them extra dimension and body.

Light blondes may benefit from adding highlights and lowlights to their locks to give their hair an earthy hue and add that summery glow. Blake Lively and Lucy Hale provide excellent examples of adding face-framing highlights that frame their faces beautifully.

If you have very dark blonde hair, your stylist may use color rather than lightener to add highlights. This technique will be safer for your locks and help avoid brassiness over time. Additionally, ask them for a darker base color so your highlights will last longer; and if you have curly locks, ask them to place highlights based on natural curl patterns; to truly showcase these highlights wear them in a half-up top knot style.

Red hair Highlights

Red hair highlights add an irresistibly seductive and passionate aesthetic to your locks. If turning bright red is too bold, try opting for brownish-red highlights for an undone yet stunning effect. This style works beautifully with cascading waves and can be worn on short and long locks.

Dark and blonde locks alike benefit from adding red highlights for added drama. This beautiful balayage blurs an eye-catching contrast between warm brown and fiery red tones that will turn heads.

For women who may be shy about color, strawberry red can be the ideal way to ease into exploring more vibrant hues. This light and feminine shade works exceptionally well on skin tones with cool undertones while suitable for any complexion type. If you want something bolder, chunky streaks of rusty orange or deep wine red will bring an eye-catching pop of color, particularly those with olive or smoky complexions, which can benefit from these bolder choices!

Pink hair Highlights

Pink hair highlights create a fun, flirty style. Their vibrant hue can contrast sharply against dark brown locks while lightening and brightening up any appearance. Pink can work for any skin tone, from lighter shades to bolder ones.

Strawberry blonde hair looks beautiful when highlighted with pink highlights, mainly when worn with excellent blue eye color. For a dramatic yet chic effect, magenta pink highlights are a perfect choice and pair nicely with both medium and olive skin tones for an eye-catching style statement.

If you prefer low-maintenance beauty solutions, ask your stylist to add strategically-placed pink highlights (money pieces) to your blonde hair for an instant pop of color. Even subtle streaks of the shade will work just as well! This look will frame and highlight all of your face’s best features while working well with straight or wavy locks.