How to Style Guy Hair

Men can enjoy styling their hair just as much as women. The key to successful male grooming is keeping things natural-looking. A skilled barber will help their client select a shade suited to his skin tone and styling preferences.

Sun Protection

Sun exposure can damage a man’s hair by stripping away natural oils that protect and nourish his scalp. A shampoo with gentle cleansing ingredients is crucial to keep hair healthy.

Caramel hair Color

Caramel is an irresistibly delicious confectionery product created by heating a mixture of sugars and other ingredients. Sugar thermometers can help ensure your caramel recipe is following according to its original intention. Keep a bowl of ice water nearby to stop sugar from cooking too fast.

Blue hair Color

Men who want to make an impressionful statement through their hair color will find blue an intriguing and stand-out hue. Before dyeing your locks a bold shade, however, it is wise to assess the workplace culture.

Mullet Haircut

A mullet hairstyle consists of short lengths on top and sides of the head with longer back locks, creating an extremely masculine style for men who wish to highlight facial features. Mullet haircuts are highly flexible and can be styled in numerous ways.


Typically associated with receding hairlines, the comb-over was popularized by Julius Caesar and other ancient men. Its revival in recent decades and wearing by stylish celebrities has restored its popularity. The comb-over fade is an innovative hybrid style for work or a night out.