How to Wear a Headband in Your Hair

1. Tucking Under the Band

Headbands are an easy way to add feminine charm and sophistication to any look. Tuck your hair under the band like a bun to achieve this style. This works best on clean, blow-dried, or slightly dirty hair with some product for better grip. Take a 1-1/2″ section of hair from each side, roll it tightly into the headband, and continue this pattern around your head, tucking each new area under the band. Remember to use hairspray to secure the style. This technique looks great with side-swept bangs like Janelle Monae’s, and choosing a soft, stretchy band for comfort is essential.

2. Wrapping Around the Band

A chic headband can make any ponytail stand out. Try a bejeweled style or an elastic lace headband for a more casual yet feminine look. If you have light hair, consider trying gold or pale pink headbands. Start by placing the headband about an inch from your forehead, secure it with grip clips, then tuck a section of hair from above your ear and wrap it around the band. This will create an attractive headband style. Side-swept bangs can also be styled into an elegant headband hairstyle, perfect for formal occasions and bridal looks.

3. Side Swept Bangs

Medium-length hair with side-swept bangs can elevate your look without appearing overdone or formal. This combination works well for rounder faces, creating more defined contours and drawing attention upward. Use hairspray for a final touch. This hairstyle is great for casual or formal events, providing versatility for different occasions.