How to Style Bangs For 2020 Long Hair

Bangs add a feminine flair to any hairstyle. Not only can they frame your face and make it appear slimmer, but they can also hide fine lines and emphasize cheekbones.

Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs are one of our current trendiest hairstyles; their gentle nature adds softness and warmth. They frame the face beautifully and look fabulous on the hair of various lengths and textures – including curly or wavy styles – and instantly boost volume for instant style!

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs can add drama if you have long hair and want a dramatic look. They suit almost all facial structures and highlight specific features of your features. Just be aware that this style requires constant upkeep; bangs need trimming regularly!

Curly bangs

Curly hair naturally has volume and bounce, so adding bangs can add texture to your locks and emphasize their shape. If you love that fresh-from-bed look, this style may be needed!

Textured bangs

Suppose you want a cut that will give the illusion of fuller hair without adding weight; consider textured bangs. Inspired by 1970s style, this retro trend works best on long and full locks that you want to be left either wavy or straight for a feminine finish.

Bangs with a twist

Hairstyling products that create volume and hold can make even thick hair suitable for bangs, while the natural movement of the mane may result in side-swept fringes for an effortless yet stylish look – perfect for an evening out!

If bangs aren’t quite your cup of tea, browse our popular long hairstyles for other options that might work better!