Back to School Hairstyles

Start of school season is like celebrating New Years all over again: new locker, notebooks, and a haircut. From short pixie cuts to full shag styles, back-to-school looks can leave an impressive first impression.

Opt for a Layered Bob

Opt for a layered bob with face-framing layers to lighten thin hair and add shape. This style helps slim out round face shapes while drawing attention to eyes and cheeks.

Addition of Bangs

The addition of bangs can completely transform the look of your hair. They frame your face and flatter nearly everyone, regardless of age or facial structure. However, bangs require frequent styling sessions and regular trims for optimal results.

Choose the Right Bang Length

The length of a fringe depends on your face shape and hair texture. For those with round faces, opt for a light yet textured bang to help balance out chubby foreheads while visually slimming down their faces. If you have a square face, try experimenting with full bangs that rest close to your eyebrow line for a chic pin-up style. This style will complement both your jawline and eyes beautifully. For those with longer locks, consider the piecey or shag bang as an eye-catching way to add volume and style. This look can also be worn sleekly or tucked back behind your ears for maximum effect.

Add Layers for Movement and Texture

Layers add a beautiful, unique style to your hair that enhances its movement and texture. They create long cascading layers or shorter flipped layers as desired. Layers can also be highlighted or given darker roots for extra movement and drama. Making sure your stylist has experience cutting layers is essential to creating the desired effect. Understanding how much and in which shape the layers should be cut can create the best possible look for you. Long layers can frame your face beautifully, giving it an inviting yet natural appearance. Long layered haircuts can be worn for any special event, from casual drinks with friends to date night dinner. In addition, these long layers help balance thin hair by adding volume.

Play with Texture

Working with texture to add interest is vital. If you want to amp up your style, try spiking up your locks like this guy does and adding highlights to make everything pop out more. Thinner locks may benefit from opting for a two-tier lob. It offers plenty of length for styling with curl creme, providing an elegant finish. Carrie Bradshaw is known for rocking a chic yet seductive choppy look that works both at work and during girls’ nights out. If you have thick, wavy locks, ask your stylist to stagger layers so it appears more voluminous and natural. This style may also help conceal receding hairlines.

Choose the Right Length

A longer style can add more angular angles to round faces. On square or oblong faces, however, a medium-length cut with plenty of volume and face-framing layers might be best. It may serve to convey religious or cultural practices. Long locks may even be considered an indicator of leadership in some cultures. Finding the appropriate hairstyle can help hide weaknesses and highlight strengths, boost confidence levels, and make you feel empowered. No matter if you prefer being at the center of attention or prefer being in the background, finding your unique personality’s ideal look awaits!