Long hair Ladies

The symbol of health and youth

Long hair is seen as a symbol of health and youth regardless of your culture or nationality, yet maintaining long locks requires additional shampoo, conditioner, and styling products.

A timeless and charming hairstyle

An elegant side-swept hairstyle featuring luxurious curls is a timeless, charming style to wear for any special event – be it brunch with friends or attending an official gathering!

Elegant and complimenting

Your sunshine-kissed blonde locks with long, lightweight bangs will look elegant! Their gorgeous curls and waves complement medium-length hair beautifully while complementing any face shape beautifully!

Creating the sleek style

To create this sleek style, first apply thermal protectant spray and smoothing serum before styling with a flat brush and pins as necessary to hold one side back. Finally, lightly pull it through all your remaining hairs for a full, red carpet-worthy look by finishing with medium-hold hairspray for the finishing touch.

The comeback of the classic side part

At a time when people are constantly trying to emulate celebrity looks with their bangs and fringe, the classic side part has seen something of a comeback in recent years.

Suitability for all lengths and face shapes

No matter the length and style of your locks, this chic side-swept style works on all face shapes. All it requires to achieve it is making sure that the top layer is kept neat and tidy for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Adding life and dimension to your hair

Long layers can add life and dimension without resorting to drastic cutting, lightening up thick hair while emphasizing curls or waves that already exist in your locks.

Best for curly hair

A layered haircut is one of the best styles for gals with naturally curly locks. Keep it sleek and dark, or add in some eye-catching caramel highlights for an eye-catching finish.

The trendy half shag/half mullet look

Take the sexy route this year by opting for the popular half shag/half mullet look, which has taken over 2022 and looks fabulous no matter your face shape!

Experimenting with bangs

If you want to experiment with bangs without making the full commitment of cutting them off completely, consider this long shaggy style that incorporates lots of layers around the crown (known as halo layers).

Dramatic curtain fringe bangs

Dramatic curtain fringe bangs can look elegant and timeless when worn at shoulder or longer length, especially with rich colors like blonde balayage. This classic style emphasizes your eyes and brows – ideal for an oval face shape.