Hairstyles For Women Over 80

Pixie Cuts with Feathered Layers

Pixie cuts with feathered-out layers are an excellent choice for women over 80 with gray hair. They add lift and drama, and a splash of color can add extra dimension. Consider a chocolate brown pixie cut with a hint of lilac tint for added vibrancy. Ask your stylist to create a feathered pixie with side-swept bangs to enhance the style and achieve maximum volume.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut can be ideal for women over 80 who are tired of maintaining long locks. Discuss with your stylist which shapes best complements your features. For example, if you have a round face, longer side bangs can create balance and highlight your cheekbones. Another option is a short pixie cut with added volume at the crown to conceal thinning hair and make a more youthful appearance. Styling cream or wax can help control frizz, and tinting your locks with light hues like silver or gray can instantly upgrade your look.

Pixie with Long Layers

This long pixie haircut with long layers is perfect for wavy hair, adding volume and texture. The silver hue accentuates naturally gray strands, while the sun-kissed effect enhances its beauty. An asymmetrical long textured pixie is a bold choice that showcases your fearless personality. Use texturizing spray or dry shampoo for extra volume and grip.

Pixie with Side Bangs

Pixie cuts with side bangs are a great way to show off silver hair. An innovative layered style with short tapers at the crown and long, thick, razored wisps adds height and dimension. Soft and fluffy layers can add a feminine and flirty touch to your pixie cut, drawing attention to your face shape. Layers also work well with wavy hairstyles, accentuating each curl. Add a lilac tint for impact, and use texturizing spray for texture.

Pixie with Lilac Tint

Lilac tints can make a statement in pixie cuts, especially when blended with a chocolate brown base color. It is an economical and low-maintenance alternative to solid blonde or brown dyeing. Consider a faux hawk style with shorter sides and a longer top for a daring approach. Subtle highlights with an icy lavender hue can add spice and drama to your pixie cut, creating an exquisite and glamorous look.