How to Style a Greaser Hairstyle

Greaser hairstyles have been in fashion since the 1950s and remain trendy today. This type of style requires lots of pomade or styling gel for styling purposes to achieve the desired style.

Greaser Hairstyles

There are various greaser styles you can wear, such as pompadours, mohawks, combovers, and side parts. All these looks pair nicely with fades or beards.

Victory Rolls

Victory rolls are an iconic style that has been fashionable since World War II. Ideal for all hair types and creating an upscale and feminine aesthetic, their name comes from an aerial maneuver performed by fighter jets during this conflict.

Styling Victory Rolls

This style works best on medium-length dark brown hair that has been styled in an inverted bun. Add bangs that can either be straightened or curled for added drama and pin them onto your forehead. Lana Turner popularized this trend when she donned it during World War II to show her support for its efforts.

Messy Comb Over

This hairstyle boasts plenty of personality and can make anyone appear stylish. It works best on men with thick or wavy locks that can easily be combed back into a sleek back look and those who sport beards to complete this edgy and masculine style that pairs nicely with leather jackets.

Styling a Messy Comb Over

This classic greaser hairstyle from the 1950s and 60s was very fashionable during its time. This combination of pompadour with an undercut creates an eye-catching full head of hair; then, its top section is combed over and held in place using a pomade. When complete, this look stands out against its counterparts; it can easily be swept to either side or back for added variety and sophistication. An excellent choice for medium-length hair, easily maintained; add extra details such as beards or mustaches to complete its sophisticated appeal further!


Cowlicks are natural hair parts that often stick up into a whorl-like formation. While it can seem challenging to tame a cowlick, various styling solutions may make it easier – for example, using strong pomade or hair gel on it can help! Perms or chemical straightening treatments may also help, although this method could damage your hair over time. If unsure, always consult a stylist first for advice.

Styling with a Cowlick

If you have a cowlick, consider sporting the classic greaser hairstyle with tapered fade and a slicked-back look for an effortless and slickened back style. Corbin Bleu and Will Smith have both worn this hairstyle. This type of haircut is great at showing your individuality and style, but it can also project rebellious masculinity!

Side Part

Try opting for a side part when searching for timeless and elegant hairstyles. This look involves having your sides faded high while leaving some length at the top – you may need to hold the product to keep your locks in place all day! A side-part style is an excellent way to stand out while remaining low-key, creating an impressive impression without directly calling attention.

Styling a Side Part

James Dean made this look famous, and it remains timeless today. This style often pairs a beard or mustache to complete its look and is ideal for those with shorter hair who do not wish to sport full pompadours. TikTok users have recently had much debate regarding whether or not people should continue parting their hair in the middle. Some believe it to be outdated, while others argue it makes hair look more natural and sexier.