Choose The Right Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you have a round face, there are many Hairstyles that can suit this shape. There are long layers, choppy pixie cuts, and updos to choose from. Wispy bangs are another popular choice. All of these styles will flatter your face.

Long layers

A long layered Hairstyle is one of the most flattering cuts for round faces. The cut is easy to maintain and looks great in both down and up styles. This is the ideal cut for clients who want to keep their hair looking their best but are also looking for a softer look. A layered cut is also great for clients who like blonde hair but want to lower the upkeep of their cut.

A side part is a great look for round faces because it balances the shape of the face and adds volume without looking bulky. Straight hair can also look beautiful with an ash blonde or light brown color to draw attention to the brown eyes and eyebrows. A center part can also be used to add height to the face.

Wispy bangs are another flattering option for round faces. These delicate strands fall across the face and can be trimmed to your liking. Wispy bangs can be easy to maintain and complement any face shape. However, if you have a short face, you should try a longer bang.

Round faces have many striking features, like wide and round cheekbones. Therefore, finding the right Hairstyle is crucial. A round face haircut should play up these features and minimize those that don’t suit the shape. There are plenty of short haircuts that can work well for this type of face.

A short angled bob is also an excellent option. With its long layers framing the chin and short back layers, this style provides a structured look that balances out the soft lines of the round face and makes it appear slimmer.

Choppy pixie cuts

Choppy pixie cuts are a great choice for round faces. This short Hairstyle gives you a cool, edgy look with a face-framing texture. The hairstyle features a thick side swept fringe and a swept-over section that creates volume in the upper section. You can experiment with different colour schemes and styles.

To give this short Hairstyle a textured look, try using some light hair gel or a light-weight wax. These products will hold down the layers and create a high-end look. Your stylist will use styling products and gel to complete the look. These products are safe for any hair type, so they’ll only enhance your hair color and style.

Choppy pixie cuts are often asymmetrical. This asymmetrical style can help add straight lines to a curvy face. The textured layers can break up the front Hairline curve while lengthening the forehead. Straight strands will also minimize the rounded cheek.

Choppy pixie cuts are versatile and flattering for many different facial shapes and features. They can be styled with bangs or kept long. The pixie can even be styled with a side part. However, if you have thin hair, it may be better to go with a shag or a side parting. The pointed angles of a shag will transform a weak or unruly hairstyle into a sultry look.

A textured pixie can be funky and edgy. You can use hairspray or clay to keep the cut looking sleek and perfect. This style is great for mature women too, as it will stay in place all day.


Updos for round faces can vary in length, shape, and style. If you’re looking for an elegant look, consider wearing a bun or side-swept hairstyle. The bun will add height to your face and also conceal your jaw line. Another option is a layered hairstyle. This look will add some height and a touch of femininity.

A half-updo is one of the most flattering updos for round faces. This style involves pulling your hair back from the sides and crown, leaving some loose strands on the crown. To complete the look, you can add some curls to the leftover hair. This hairstyle will flatter a variety of faces, from round to oval.

French twists are another updo for round faces. They can be worn casually or for a formal occasion. Before doing this style, you can set your hair with large hot rollers. Once you’re finished, back-comb your hair. Then, roll it up in a French twist and pin it in place. To make it even more flattering for your round face, add a few curls to the ends of the French twist.

Shags are another easy hairstyle for round faces. These hairstyles are a great choice for summer days. They add volume to your hair while covering the sides and ears. They are best complemented by copper balayage. Medium length cuts are also a great choice for women with round faces. They play with volume and add height to your face. A wavy cut is another great option for round faces.

Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are a great hairstyle for round faces. This haircut can be worn by women of all ages and has various looks depending on the woman’s face shape and hair texture. This style is perfect for women with straight or wavy hair, and can also look great on brides.

Wispy bangs on a round face will help a woman with this shape make her forehead look wider. The curls will also give her face more volume and will help create the illusion of a longer face. The style will work for any hair type and will look great with any hair color and texture. Try experimenting with different styles of bangs to see which one looks best on you.

Besides getting bangs that match your face shape, you should also pay attention to how the fringe frames your face. Wispy bangs for round faces should be side-swept and should not be too long. The side-swept style is more suitable for round faces as it visually elongates the face.

Wispy bangs on a round face can look classy and romantic. In addition to being a great style, it can also create a slimming effect. Side-swept bangs can also give a slender effect, if your face is too round. Wispy bangs can enhance the eyes and curly lashes.

French crop

For men with a round face, a French crop is the perfect haircut. This style features an extended fringe that accentuates the shape of the face. It also looks great with thick spikes that create a more varied profile. You can also have your barber shorten the sides to emphasize the peak.

French crop hairstyles work well for men with a round face because they elongate the face by adding height to the top. You can play up the volume on top by using gel or styling your hair to have natural waves and curls. This will visually lengthen your face and cut down the roundness.

A French crop also works well on guys with curly, wavy, or black hair. A comb should be used to finish the hair on top. A buzz cut is a great short hairstyle for a round face, too, as long as the sides and chin are kept short.

If you have thin or medium hair, a French crop can look incredibly sleek and refined. It has the advantage of being easy to style and maintain. It can also be used to disguise a beard. And if you’re going for a more traditional look, a pompadour is an excellent choice. The hairstyle is easy to maintain, and it is also suitable for men with round faces.

Another hairstyle that works well for round faces is the crew cut. This style looks very mature with its tapered sides and neat top fringe. A small wavy line adds visual appeal to this hairstyle. It is also very versatile and can work well with any style and color scheme.