Hairstyles For Really Short Hair

If you want a dramatic transformation, various hairstyles for concise hair are available that could work for you! Find what suits you!

Beach waves:

– Look fantastic on a straight bob cut

– Sharp side part frames the face beautifully

– Add a black headband for an extra chic effect

High and Tight:

– Eye-catching hairstyle inspired by military styling

– Faded sides with short top

– Can be styled into a pompadour or spiked-up quiff for maximum impact

– High skin fade for a masculine edge

– Ideal for round or oval-shaped faces and curly or black hair

– High and tight with a side sweep for a casual yet chic appearance

Peaky Blinders:

– Men’s styles inspired by the show

– Tommy Shelby’s harsh disconnected undercut with side part

– Can be styled with a quiff or slicked back

– Recreate with undercut using number 1 or 2 clipper guard

– Add gloss with pomade for a glossy, stylish finish


– Sleek back look for wavy hair

– Adds contrast with tapered sides and clean surfaces

– Suitable for casual events like dinner dates or parties

– Showcase waves and add texture with a pixie cut and longer front sections

– Experiment with highlights for accentuated facial features

– Ringlets for elegance or sexy touch on a short bob

– Brush away from the face for classic elegance or pull back for more jawline coverage

The Pixie:

– Feminine pixie with side bangs as a less dramatic and voluminous alternative

– Shape and add texture for a balanced finish

– Dirty blonde hue complements features and skin tone beautifully

– Excellent choice for thin hair with layers for fullness and volume

– Fringe creates appealing, volumetric asymmetry

– Pixies can be enhanced with different textures and colors for edge

– Versatile cut that can be styled in multiple ways