Vacuum Hair Cutting Machines

Vacuum hair-cutting machines work by sucking hair particles into a small container that can be quickly ejected for cleaning. They feature various attachments for different hair lengths and styles, such as combs. One famous example is the Flowbee.


The Flowbee is an innovative hair-cutting system that uses rotating blades in a cylinder to produce various haircuts. It also has a vacuum for collecting cut hair. The device is easy to use and store works on wet and dry hair, and comes in different models for different hair types. The Flowbee gained popularity during the pandemic for its convenience and has been featured in movies and TV shows. It offers a safe option for self-haircuts compared to barbers or salons during outbreaks.

Rick Hunts, a carpenter from San Diego, invented the Flowbee in 1988. It gained viral success through an infomercial campaign in 1989. The Flowbee is known for being an outstanding and cost-effective hair-cutting system suitable for all hair types.


The Robocut is another vacuum hair-cutting machine alternative to traditional trimmers. It is easy to use, compatible with all hair types, and has a laser blade that requires no lubrication. The hose attachment fits standard vacuum cleaners and can even be used for pet grooming.

Like the Flowbee, the Robocut utilizes vacuum power to pull hair into its cutters. It offers length settings for cutting different hair types and is ideal for home use with its adjustable and durable nozzles.


The Remington hair clipper vacuum features a user-friendly design and many convenient features. Its dual motor system suits trimmings, eliminating the need for messy clean-up sessions. It has various attachments and combs for trimming, detailing, and shaving. The rechargeable battery lasts long, making it suitable for those who prefer quality haircuts at home.

The Remington HKVAC2000 is an affordable option that delivers satisfactory results. It has a lightweight and comfortable design, excellent battery life, and a variety of attachments for easy styling maintenance.