Hairstyles For Naturally Wavy Hair

Look effortlessly chic in a long, wavy haircut that displays your natural curls. Layered styles like this will also make your locks appear thicker.

Cheek-Length Bob with Face-Framing Layers

Try opting for a cheek-length bob with face-framing layers for a beautiful style that frames the face, such as this soft balayage lob. Wavy locks look especially striking in blonde hues like this smooth balayage cut.

Long Wavy Hair

Finding the ideal hairstyle is essential when you have long, wavy locks. Try a low-side ponytail that brings in some sporty flair while emphasizing those beautiful waves – this works particularly well when worn with thick front fringes and an effortless hair wrap.

If you prefer shorter cuts without losing their natural texture, consider opting for a blunt bob. This cut adds volume at the crown of your head while framing your face beautifully – plus, you can also add highlights that accentuate the color of your eyes!

Fishtail braids make an elegant statement on long, wavy locks, providing an easy and quick way to style your locks for an exciting night out. Just spray some hairspray before adding this look. Curling irons or wands may help create more defined waves; alternatively, use Mizani True Textures Curl Enhancing Lotion as a curling cream to help maintain its shape while minimizing frizz.

Short Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is an attractive texture that creates the impression of thicker and fuller locks. It is versatile enough to look great short or long, and can be styled in many ways.

If your naturally wavy locks have started thinning out over time, opt for a shorter haircut around shoulder length to reduce weight while keeping it healthy-looking; add caramel highlights to accentuate its curls for the appearance of more volume.

Adding bangs can add an unexpectedly romantic and soft quality to a bob cut, and is especially popular among women over 50 – an easy and cost-effective way to update your look quickly!

Layered hairstyles work well for all lengths and textures, but are particularly effective on wavy locks. If your wavy locks are thinned out by age or damage, adding heavy layers may help it appear fuller again. Or try out an unconventional cut such as choppy shag or wolf cut for added texture.

Medium Wavy Hair

If you have medium-length wavy hair, the ideal haircut for its natural texture should emphasize your curls without creating too much volume. Layered styles with face-framing layers are an excellent way to add shape and movement while allowing your waves to play freely.

Another fun cut suitable for medium wavy locks is the tapered pixie, as its face-framing strands have some length while being shorter at the back and sides for an effortlessly trendy look that requires minimal upkeep.

PairPair medium-length wavy hair with delicate baby lights or subtle balayage fade for an appealing style for a cute style. The slight hue will highlight your natural texture while creating dimension in your look. A low side part can also help soften and reduce frizz; alternatively, the lob is an effortless, versatile style that can be worn in many ways.

Thick Wavy Hair

Wavy locks exude an irresistibly seductive appeal that’s incredibly flattering on those with thick strands. Instead of straightening and smoothing your natural waves to achieve flatness, let them do their thing and display all that volume!

Layered bob cuts with long, playful bangs are the epitome of this style. Layers help create an eye-catching silhouette while framing your face, so feel free to ask your stylist for something more angled than traditional bob cuts.

Are you trying out subtle highlights to boost the color and texture of naturally wavy hair? Try adding subtle highlights. This style works exceptionally well on wavy locks as it doesn’t require as much maintenance as whole ombre or balayage cuts; simply spray leave-in conditioner or taming spray on damp strands to add definition and volume while giving your natural waves extra life and texture – plus, it’s an effortless way to switch up your style!