Easy Hairstyles at Home

Whether it’s for work or social gatherings, cute and easy hairstyles will help you look put-together without spending too much time getting ready. All it takes is a quick braid or a new way of parting hair!

Explore this face-frame look featuring soft side strands and a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Faux Hawk hairstyles can make a statement that can be worn casually or dressed up for semi-formal events. This particular look features low fade sides with a longer strip on top decorated by braids. Perfect as a boy’s haircut as it’s easy to achieve and styled with gel or hairspray to achieve desired looks. A wavy faux hawk is an attractive style option for guys with medium-length strands, as it combines classic fades on both sides with a messy pompadour in the front to create an edgy and striking appearance. To recreate this look at home, begin with a gentle fade on the sides and back before trimming up the top as necessary. Next, create a complex part using pomade or wax to find your natural part line.

The half-up half-down hairstyle is an elegant style that works beautifully on all textures and lengths of hair, from fine strands to frizzier locks. Try using L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Lengths Frizz Killer Serum Leave-In to tame frizz before brushing back for a sleek ponytail look. For straight locks, try styling them into an elegant half-up ponytail with face-framing tendrils to give it more elegance and sophistication. This look works great whether you are out with friends or on an exciting date night and complements many types of makeup styles! This tousled half-up style can add a beautiful finishing touch to any ensemble and is excellent for second-day hairstyles. Pin back strands for a romantic knot, or leave them loose and messy for an effortless finish.

Cornrows are an exquisite protective style that celebrates natural hair, textured strands, and the cultures from which they originated. They look incredibly chic when accessorized with beads or charms for added flair! If your straight-back cornrows have grown dull and predictable, try switching it up by creating snake-like zig-zag patterns instead. This style also works well on low ponytails or pigtails! Houston recommends starting this stunning look by first cleaning and applying Pattern Beauty’s Scalp Serum, which helps soothe roots from tight braids. Next, divide the first row into three equal parts (left, middle, and right) before beginning the French braiding of each strand using hair from the other two rows as you go – repeat this until all your head has been braided!

A few easy hairstyles are as stylish and effortless as braided half-up half-down looks, which make an elegant statement at weddings, graduations, or any special event. Start with a regular half ponytail secured with bobby pins to achieve the look. Next, gather a section of hair from either side and weave it into an equal-length braid – repeat on both sides! Finish off your look by pinning loose strands into place to maintain an orderly and tidy style, adding hairspray if necessary for extra hold. The result will be an elegant, romantic style that makes you feel like royalty – suitable for all hair textures and lengths!

Try wrapping one single braid around the back of your head as an eye-catching and unique protective style. Whether it be box braids, cornrows, or two pigtails, this style will look fantastic on any length of hair, especially when combined with a flowy dress and many accessories. This style resembles a double crown and is ideal for hiding bangs that have grown awkward. Try this textured style as part of a wedding hairdo or for casual day trips out with friends! Add an adorable touch to any braid with an extra cute style by tying a small bow near its base. It adds an unexpected pop of color and gives your style some flair! Or use this method on already established buns – just be sure to secure it with an elastic so it remains in place.