Hairstyles For Glitchy Hair

Under, discover some of the top hairstyles for greasy hair to help you achieve sleekness without needing to wash every day.

From braided back top knots and low sophisticated buns, to braided back top knots and braided back top knots – these looks will cover your oily roots stylishly.

Whether it has been two days since you last washed your locks, these hairstyles will quickly hide any unpleasant or dirty roots that appear.

Half-Up Top Knot

A half-up top knot is an effortless yet stylish way to conceal oily or dirty locks, and feels relaxed and effortless. To elevate a basic ponytail, wrap a 1-inch strand around its base and secure it with bobby pins; the result will be an elegant style perfect for any special event and won’t make it obvious your strands need washing!

Another style suitable for greasy locks is a gorgeous second-day boho braid. This stunning twist offers an eye-catching alternative to standard braiding techniques and takes under two minutes to execute. For added chicness, add an eye-catching silk scarf or hair bandana for extra glitz!

Other cute hairstyles for greasy locks that work are the bubble ponytail and low ballerina bun, both designed to hide roots while keeping hair sleek and chic. Also, try using a bun sponge or additional bobby pins when creating one of these styles – they make styling effortless!

Sleek Side Bun

Add the classic side braid into your look for an elegant way of covering oily locks and hiding any strands that might get in the way. This style can significantly help if attending formal events such as weddings and black-tie galas; its elegant silhouette hides any signs of your unruly strands.

Start by parting your hair to either side and clipping one section away. Next, weave three equally-sized strands into a Dutch braid until reaching your nape – secure the ends with some bobby pins for an elegant finish that does your greasy mane justice.

The space bun is another regal look that can transform greasy tresses into chic and polished locks. Although creating one takes more work than creating a half-up top knot, it benefits more than make up for the extra effort to conceal those unsightly roots and keep them out of your face.

Loose Updo

At times when you just aren’t feeling up to washing your hair, a loose updo can provide an elegant solution. Perfect for any event.

Divide your hair in two, twist them around each other, and pin-up vertically for quick buns that keep oily roots out while framing your face nicely.

Add glamour and shine to any look with a sparkly hair accessory, whether wearing a fedora hat for casual chic or a silky head scarf for more formal events.

Sleek back hairstyles are great ways to disguise oily locks and can even become more stylish when accessorized with chic accessories. A simple hairband or scrunchie can add the finishing touches to your polished look, while some bobby pins can keep your locks secure from falling.


If it has been too long since your last wash or you feel extra oily and have an event or meeting to attend (or a quick Zoom call with your boss), one effective way of concealing those oily roots is by wearing an elegant style. Be it a straight ponytail or a half-up double Dutch braid, these classic styles will have your locks looking fresh in no time.

Add extra sparkle and style with an elegant side ponytail by accessorizing it with glittery barrettes or colorful bobby pins for an eye-catching effect. Not only will these decorative items look good, but they will also serve to conceal any oily areas by giving your locks extra height and creating individual sections of hair.